Zhongzhou Aluminum Industry Starts Management System Reform in an All-round Way

Recently, Zhongzhou Aluminum launched a competitive recruitment for the mine system management team, marking the company’s comprehensive start of management system reform. This latest round of management reform is an important measure for China Aluminum to fully implement the requirements of Chinalco’s three-year action plan for deepening reforms. It is also an important measure for China Aluminum China Aluminum Co., Ltd. to implement tenure system and contract management work plan. Chinalco Zhongzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a key move in the management mechanism and system reform in the Action Plan to Improve Labor Productivity and Strengthen Labor Cost Control.

The competition includes two parts: speech and defense. The final result is evaluated by the judges and approved by the party committee. Ten employee representatives of Zhongzhou Aluminum conducted democratic evaluation and democratic recommendation for the interview and defense, and the Work Department of the Commission for Discipline Inspection supervised the entire process of the competition. In the end, five new management team members of Zhongzhou Mining were produced from the 17 managers who participated in the competition, and Zhongzhou Aluminum signed an appointment letter with them in accordance with the tenure system and contract management methods. The new management team will carry out in-depth reforms of Zhongzhou Mining in accordance with the established plan, establish a flat organizational structure in the Zhongzhou Aluminum Mine System, and create an efficient workforce, so as to achieve a simpler management level, a more reasonable professional match, and a more efficient variety of local resource channels Unblocked.

It is reported that in the next step, Zhongzhou Aluminum will further implement the relevant arrangements of Chinalco Group on the reform of the management system. On the basis of ensuring normal production and operation and the stability of the workforce, it will promptly advance the reform progress of other departments according to the plan to ensure the realization of the organizational structure. Flattening, efficient workforce, and maximum return on net assets.

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