Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G chip platform realizes mass production of customer products, and works with partners to build people’s 5G

On December 27, Zhanrui held the “People’s 5G” online press conference, and joined hands with China Telecom, ZTE, Hisense, TSMC, GSMA and other industrial ecosystem partners to witness Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G chip platform Tanggula T770 and Tanggula T760. Realize mass production of customers’ products and jointly create 5G for the people.

Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G chip platform realizes mass production of customer products, and works with partners to build people’s 5G

Zhanrui CEO Chu Qing said: “The second-generation 5G chip platform realizes mass production of customer products, which reflects Zhanrui’s comprehensive upgrade in semiconductor technology and communication technology, and ranks among the world’s first echelon of advanced technologies. As the world’s first successful film Compared with the first-generation 6nm chip platform, this platform has a performance increase of more than 100% and an integration increase of more than 100%. Consumers and industry customers will soon experience the latest technology weapon of this generation; at the same time, it supports 5G R16, The most cutting-edge communication technologies such as 5G slicing have led us into a truly 5G intelligent society.”

Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G chip platform realizes mass production of customer products, and works with partners to build people’s 5G

Mass production of 6nm 5G chip platform customers, Zhanrui ranks among the first echelon of advanced semiconductor technology

The realization of mass production of Zhanrui’s 6nm 5G platform for customers indicates that Zhanrui has fully equipped the R&D and commercial capabilities of advanced process chips. This is a strong evidence of Zhanrui’s comprehensive improvement in the dimensions of R&D process specification, design capabilities, and product quality. 6nm will be the beginning of Zhanrui’s advanced manufacturing process. Zhanrui has enough technology accumulation to lay a solid cornerstone for the next generation of products to cut into 5nm and other more advanced semiconductor technologies.

Leading 5G R16, Zhan Rui is at the forefront of advanced communication technology

Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G platform supports cutting-edge technologies such as 5G R16 and 5G network slicing, leading us into a true 5G intelligent society. Zhanrui took the lead in deploying 5G R16 technology, with nearly 200 related patent applications, and has worked with partners to complete the world’s first end-to-end service verification based on the 3GPP R16 standard, IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group uRLLC key technology test, etc. Zhanrui’s 5G network slicing solution has completed the technical verification with the three major domestic operators and the IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group, achieving the technical verification of the to B and to C application directions, which fully proves Zhanrui’s 5G network slicing The advantages of the solution and the interoperability of 5G chips.

Complete 5G main platform kit + 5G RF front-end kit, high maturity and high quality to ensure rapid mass production of customers

Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G chip platform has more than a dozen chips including a complete 5G main platform chip + optional 5G RF front-end chip, and each chip has reached the mass production standard. The 5G main platform chip includes 7 chips including the main chip, Transceiver, power management chip and connectivity chip; the 5G RF front-end chip includes multiple chips such as PA.

Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G chip platform realizes mass production of customer products, and works with partners to build people’s 5G

In terms of mass production maturity, compared with the mass production of the chip itself, the chip platform has higher requirements for mass production of customer products. Mass production of customer products means that the product maturity and quality of the chip platform have reached a state that can directly face consumers and other end users. Only by realizing mass production of customers’ products can it truly represent that the chip platform has fully achieved the design goals. In terms of mass production quality, Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G chip platform has reached the industry’s highest standard of 500ppm.

Enabling consumer and industry sectors in all scenarios

Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G platform has been first applied to consumer electronics fields such as 5G smartphones. The comprehensive improvement of its performance, battery life, imaging, AI and other capabilities will bring users a smoother 5G experience and richer smart life fun. Zhou Chen, general manager of the consumer electronics division of Zhanrui, said: “With the mass production of new generation 5G chip platform customer products, Zhanrui’s 5G products will enter the fast lane of development. Tanggula 6, 7, 8, 9 in the consumer electronics field, etc. The series will go hand in hand, and at least one new product will be released every year. At the same time, thanks to the software architecture upgrade, we can realize the unified software solution on this series of products, which will greatly help customers shorten product development. Cycle and reduce software investment costs.”

In the field of vertical industries, Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G platform will also enable the intelligent upgrade of the industrial system and various industries in society in many scenarios such as the industrial Internet of things, mobile Internet, fixed wireless access, car networking, and networked PCs. Huang Yuning, general manager of Zhanrui Industrial Electronics Division, said: “Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G chip platform provides surging intelligent computing capabilities in addition to full-scenario connectivity. Based on it, it is very suitable for building an integrated connection and computing system. An integrated AIoT platform. After stacking a series of software stacks such as various operating systems and service components, it can carry smart applications in a variety of industries, and can also be used as a core component of new forms of smart terminals such as drones and smart robots. “

Zhanrui’s circle of friends gathered together to create 5G for the people

At this “People’s 5G-Zhan Rui Online Conference”, industrial partners from China Telecom, ZTE, Hisense, TSMC, GSMA and other industrial ecosystems jointly witnessed the mass production and commercialization of Zhan Rui’s second-generation 5G chip platform. Said that it has joined hands with Zhan Rui to jointly build the people’s 5G.

The heavyweights from all fields of the industry addressed the Zhanrui conference (in order of appearance):

  • Chen Li, deputy general manager of China Telecom Terminal Operation Center and Tianyi Telecom Terminal Co., Ltd. said:

“The new generation of cloud mobile phone Tianyi No. 1 2022 will be launched soon, and it will be the world’s first to be equipped with a 6-nanometer domestic 5G chip-Tanggula T770 platform. Tianyi No. 1 2022 will be comprehensive in terms of product performance, configuration, appearance, and cloud computing power. The product adopts a new cloud and local OS, the industry’s first batch of accelerated applications that support 5G slicing, and users can accelerate the experience of cloud business class. Thanks to the blessing of the Zhanrui T770 platform, a new generation of Tianyi 1 2022 cloud Mobile phones will be even more powerful.”

Zhanrui’s second-generation 5G chip platform realizes mass production of customer products, and works with partners to build people’s 5G

  • Ni Fei, Senior Vice President of ZTE Corporation and President of Terminal Business Unit, said:

“Looking forward to 2022, I hope that ZTE and Zhanrui will continue to work together to build a digital world core ecosystem, and jointly assume the responsibilities and responsibilities of Chinese technology companies!”

  • Luo Wei, Vice President of ZTE Corporation and Director of the Product Center of the Terminal Business Unit, said:

“As an Alpha customer of ZTE, ZTE will release a variety of new 5G terminal products equipped with Tanggula T760 with rich functions and powerful performance in 2022. We believe that the mass production of T760 and the new generation of 5G terminals will surely diversify 5G. Add new vitality to the ecological environment.”

  • Yu Zhitao, Vice President of Hisense Group Holding Company, said:

“Congratulations to Zhanrui’s products and technology for further advancement, Hisense and Zhanrui work together to build a national communications industry.”

  • Dr. Ma Xiaohang, General Manager of Qingdao Hisense Communication Co., Ltd. said:

“Hisense, as the launch company of Zhanrui’s next-generation 5G platform, will soon launch a new 5G series based on Zhanrui Tanggula T760. Zhanrui T760 adopts TSMC’s 6-nanometer EUV advanced manufacturing process, which can achieve richness with lower power consumption. Compared with the previous generation product, the overall power consumption is reduced by about 37%, and the endurance capacity is increased by 30%. At the same time, as the second-generation 5G technology platform of Zhanrui, Tanggula T760 is more mature, and the 5G speed is increased by more than 30% compared with the previous generation. .”

  • Dr. Chen Ping, Deputy General Manager of TSMC (China) Co., Ltd. said:

“Based on the high requirements of 5G terminals for performance, power consumption and chip area, the semiconductor industry recognizes that the starting process of 5G chips is 7nm. The 6nm process adopted by Zhanrui this time has advanced EUV lithography technology to improve production efficiency and Yield rate.”

  • Si Han, President of GSMA Greater China, said:

“As one of the most strategically valuable chip companies, Zhanrui has contributed its own strength to the development of global mobile communications. Especially in the 5G era, mobile terminals will still be the most extensive and most important access equipment. As a 5G terminal The brain, healthy competition, and a blossoming chip industry are the keys to promoting industrial innovation and development and accelerating the reduction of the digital divide.”

  • Pang Ce, General Manager of GSMA Greater China Strategic Cooperation, said:

“The number of global mobile connections in 2021 will exceed tens of billions. This is an important milestone reached by the joint efforts of more than 800 mobile operators around the world. From 2020 to 2025, the proportion of 5G in all generations of mobile communication connections is expected to rise from 3% to 24%. 5G is developing faster than any previous generation. In 2021, smartphone sales bottomed out. In the third quarter, Zhanrui’s smartphone chip market share entered the double-digit mark for the first time, reaching 10% , This is a very big improvement.”

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Author: Yoyokuo