Yakong Kingview 6.5 temperature control professional version solution

In the process of producing products in certain manufacturing industries, it is often necessary to control certain production parameters to continuously adjust and change over time. For example, in the bread production process, the heating temperature needs to be controlled at different time periods, and the time length and temperature value required for each stage are different. In this way, the parameters of the entire production process form a back-and-forth connection curve in accordance with the time relationship. This curve is called the temperature control curve or the planning curve.

In the past, users in these industries encountered various troubles when using configuration software:
1. There is no friendly interface and environment to help users edit and save control parameters during configuration” title=”Control parameters”>Control parameters;
2. It is necessary to define a large number of variables corresponding to each control parameter data, resulting in a huge configuration workload. Due to a large number of IO variables when the system is running, system performance “title=”system performance”> system performance degradation;
3. It is difficult to modify the control parameters when the system is running: complicated parameter modification process, a little carelessness, parameter saving errors, resulting in unavailability;
4. Some control parameters do not need to be edited by the user during operation, but are only obtained through calculations and then written into the control device “title=”control device”>control device, but in the software also need to define a large number of variables, write devices one by one and other complex processes ;
5. The modification of control parameters during operation is complicated with the temperature control curve;
6. The completed production process curve cannot be saved and retrieved;
7. After the system crashes and resumes, the running process curve is lost, and you need to start from the beginning;
8. The curve cannot be zoomed in or moved, and when there are many data points drawn, it is difficult to distinguish the control trend clearly;
Aiming at the above series of problems and the special needs of industry users, Asia Controls provides a special solution, which includes the following two parts:

1. Control parameter editing table: As shown in Figure 1, this table mainly has the following functions:

The user can define the header of the parameter editing table to be used. The table format setting is similar to EXCEL, which can be set flexibly;
User-defined control parameter name;
The user defines the corresponding relationship between each parameter and the signal channel (register) of the control device (such as PLC);
The user can input, edit and save the control parameter data during configuration;
The storage of control parameter data adopts a general database, which is universal;
When the system is running, the parameters set by the user in advance are automatically transferred. If the user needs to add and delete the control section, directly select the control section to be inserted or the control section to be deleted on the table, through a simple menu item “title=”menu item”> menu item selection, you can easily insert or Delete the control section. When the user does not confirm these operations, the system will mark these items in different colors for the convenience of the user;
The control parameter data edited in this table is universal. The control parameters used in one project can be used in another project;
Can perform print preview, printing and other operations on the form;

Yakong Kingview 6.5 temperature control professional version solution

Parameter editing table

2. Temperature control curve: As shown in Figure 2, the temperature control curve has the following characteristics:

Up to 20 real-time curves can be drawn on a temperature control curve chart at the same time;
The length of the curve time axis can be adjusted automatically according to the user-defined time parameter “title=”time parameter”>time parameter;
The format setting of the curve chart has a wide range of contents and various forms, which are suitable for the requirements of various occasions;
Support the use of cursors, which can automatically Display the data of the passing curve points when the cursor moves;
Support the definition of the name of the legend, the display and printing of the legend;
The curve supports navigation functions: zoom in, zoom out, and move;
The curve automatically saves the drawn real-time curve and parameter curve as historical data, which can be consulted by the user after the control process ends;
Users can freely control the start and stop of real-time curve drawing;
The most important function: if the system suddenly crashes, when the system restarts, the curve will call out the real-time curve before the crash, and then continue to draw the curve according to the actual time, effectively protecting the integrity of the data;

Yakong Kingview 6.5 temperature control professional version solution

Temperature control curve

In the Kingview system, the parameter data batch download function is provided. The user does not need to define a large number of variables, just simply call this function in the script, and the system will automatically download the parameter data to the control device easily. In addition, the data combination between the parameter curve of the temperature control curve and the parameter setting table can be completed with a simple configuration, which is very easy to use.

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Author: Yoyokuo