Will The Coronavirus Affect The Lead Time Of Our Factory?

China is be called "the World Factory". And many multinational trader have business with Chinese manufacturer or China trading company.Will The Coronavirus Affect The Lead Time Of Our Factory?Due to the novel coronavirus epidemic in Hubei province, China Spring Festival holiday is extended. It drew businessman's attention to this situation. When will your company resume business?Has your factory began producing?They are the two questions we frequently be asked on this extended vacation.Luckly, we were approved to resume work on the Feb 18th. Weishun silicone is a factory provide many kinds of silicone products and silicone material accessories. Our product range include silicone kitchen cooking baking tools and molds, airpods protective pouch or cell phone case, silicone accessories of goggles, watch bands or led night light and so on.We know that the our clients are worried about that whether our factory can delivery timely. So we try our best to produce goods as more as possible. And now, we have ability to accept new order. Is there any one need silicone products? If you are, why not send us an e-mail? We will give you a reasonable price.

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