Why Manufacture In China?

Do we ever begin to wonder why we manufacture in China? I think that it is easy to say that a lot of companies first begin to look at China purely due to economic constraints and then, after they realise that the quality and service are also comparable with, if not better than, home manufacturers, the product. Maybe after this, we then begin to research how the prices can remain so competitive compared to our home markets and then, finally, the conditions of the employees of the factories who manufacture our products to such high standards.

Why Manufacture In China?

A large number of people in the injection moulding industry in both Europe and the U.S. have, without a doubt, lost their jobs since the large exodus of manufacturing to China and this has, clearly, had a detrimental effect on the industry and people’s quality of life in the West. However, it is important to note that not only have the experienced and well-trained mould engineers from Europe and the U.S. gone over to China to share their knowledge and expertise, they have actively sought to invest and help run some of the largest mould manufacturing companies in China. This is a win-win situation for companies abroad wanting to manufacture moulds in China, as well as for the local population who benefit from their world class knowledge and expertise.

Other complaints often levelled at Chinese companies are that the competent and well-trained staff are not respected or valued in China as much as they are in the West. The idea is not only totally untrue, but also frankly derogatory – why would any company not want the best people and to retain those people by treating them properly? China moves at an extremely fast pace and even if worker’s rights might not have been on the agenda twelve months previously, they certainly are now!

The constant investment in equipment, people, skills and knowledge will serve China well in the future and now is definitely the time for many companies to reassess why they are actually doing business with Chinese moulding companies and providing them with the respect they deserve for producing a high quality product at a competitive price on the other side of the World. What’s not to like?

Author: Fymicohuang