Why do you need to add water during the use of the stone cnc router machine Upload to:09-18 2021

The standard stone cnc router machine and tombstone cnc router machine are dual-cooled. On the one hand, because the material of the stone is hard, the cutter head should be water-cooled when working, and on the other hand, the spindle is water-cooled to prevent the spindle temperature from being too high. Play a certain protective role. However, if the customer does not pay attention or does not work according to the training steps, there will be a phenomenon of dry burning without water, causing serious damage to the machine itself.

  First, dry burning of the spindle of a stone cnc router machine is the most likely cause of excessive heating of the spindle, which causes burning. Generally, after the main shaft is burned, it is necessary to return the damaged one to the factory for repair. Then repair it and send it back from the factory. This will take about 1 week, which will seriously delay the normal processing period. If the customer is in a hurry for an order, it will cause a lot of loss. Therefore, when customers are processing, they must follow the training of factory technicians to ensure the normal use of the machine and extend the application cycle of the machine.

  Second, if the spindle of the stone cnc router machine is not cooled by water, it will always be in a state of continuous high temperature heating. It is easy to cause the spindle to jitter or misalign, the engraving will be fast and slow, and the phenomenon will be unstable. On the one hand, the accuracy will be affected. On the other hand, the misalignment of the spindle will cause the engraved sample to be misaligned. The engraved sample is naturally full of loopholes and is very imprecise.

  stone cnc router machine is a high-tech engraving equipment that can perform friction engraving on the surface of natural stone, glass products and ceramics. It is widely used in ceramic tile background wall carving, stone stele carving, stone statue stone pillar, handicraft carving, etc. As we all know, the material of stone is relatively hard, and the material difference is huge, so different carving tools are used when performing stone carving machines. , I have explained to you the selection of tools before.

  The above is the editor's summary of some insights on the stone cnc router machine. I don't know if everyone is satisfied with the introduction of the editor. If you want to learn more about the wonderful content of related aspects, please continue to pay attention to us!

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