Which Materials Are Generally Selected When Manufacturing Automotive Parts By CNC Machining?

Usually for auto parts, we suggest using CNC machining methods. BecauseCNC machining is fast, high output, can effectively shorten the delivery cycle, and can also produce complex and high precision workpieces.


Therefore, when processing auto parts, the choice of materials is also relatively wide. This can ensure the consistency of the materials that used in prototypes and mass production. These auto parts that processed byCNC Machining has a strong sense of reality, and the surface quality can reach a very high level. After subsequent processing such as grinding, polishing, sandblasting, painting, screen printing, UV, electroplating, the production effect can be comparable to the products produced by injection molding.


At the same time, there are lots of materials commonly used in making auto parts, such as ABS, POM, PMMA, PA, PC, PP, Bakelite, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, copper, etc. Each of these materials has its own characteristics and property, some material can resistant high temperature and some material has good impact force, thisis very suitable for auto parts. Especially ABS material, has become more and more widely used in auto parts.


The above are the materials selected when processing auto parts. If you are interested in auto parts processing, please contact us at [email protected] today. We will provide the best service and price!

Author: Yoyokuo