What Kinds Of Files Need To Be Provided From Customer During Manufacturing Rapid Prototyping?

In rapid prototyping, we will receive the enquiry question from customer, they don’t know what kinds of files can be used in quoting?  General speaking, only 3D or 2D files will be ok for quoting. Certainly, for some simple products, the basic requirements such as size, material, surface treatment, etc. can be quoted as well.


Then, what kinds of files need to be provided from customer during production?


The most important file is to provide 3D drawings. For these products that processed by cnc machining, we need to program according to 3d drawings and then machine them. The format of 3D can be step, igs, x_t, stl.


Secondly, 2D drawings can be used as reference files for turning and sheet metal stamping. And 2D drawings will be marked with detailed dimensional information, process requirements and materials. At the same time, 2D drawings will also indicate the required accuracy, tolerances and tapping information.


Sometimes, the surface of some products requires silk screen logos or patterns, the vector graphics are required for the surface silk screen or engraving files, that means the file size cannot be changed by infinite zooming. The format can be AI. Also, we will require the pantone number from customer for silk screen, and the transparent hand piece must also indicate whether it is printed on the surface or the back.


In a word, with the above information for rapid prototyping, we can clearly understand the needs of customers and ensure the quality of production. If you have any products to make, contact us at [email protected] today!

Author: Chris Na