What is the technological effect of precision CNC machining ?

Machinery refers to the general name of machines and institutions. Machines are tools and devices that can help people reduce the difficulty or effort of their work. Items such as chopsticks, brooms and tweezers can be called machines. They are simple machines. A complex machine consists of two or more simple machines. These more complex machines are often called machines. From the point of view of structure and motion, there is no difference between mechanism and machine.Precision cnc machining mainly includes: CNC turning, Boring, CNC milling,Grinding, Polishing.
The technological effects of precision cnc machining are:① The geometrical shape and mutual position accuracy of parts reach micron or angular seconds;② The tolerance of the limit or feature size of the part is below micron;③ The microscopic unevenness of the surface of the part (the average height difference of the surface unevenness) is less than 0.1 micron;④ Mutual parts can meet the requirements of cooperation;⑤ Some parts can also meet the requirements of precise mechanical or other physical characteristics.Such as the torsional stiffness of the torsion bar of the float gyroscope, the stiffness coefficient of the flexible element and so on.
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