What is the difference between hydraulic press and hydraulic press

What is the difference between Hydraulic Press and hydraulic press

  • 1. Hydraulic press is a kind of hydraulic Bai machine. Hydraulic press uses Du oil to transmit pressure, while there are many kinds of hydraulic press, which can use oil Zhi or Dao water to transmit pressure. Most hydraulic presses use oil.
  • 2. Hydraulic press (a kind of hydraulic press) is a kind of hydraulic press that uses special hydraulic oil as the working medium, uses the hydraulic pump as the power source, and uses the force of the pump to make the hydraulic oil enter the oil cylinder / piston through the hydraulic pipeline. Then there are several groups of mutually matched seals in the oil cylinder / piston. The seals at different positions are different, but they all play the role of sealing, so that the hydraulic oil can not leak. Finally, make the hydraulic oil circulate in the oil tank through the check valve, and make the oil cylinder / piston cycle to do work, so as to complete a certain mechanical action as a kind of machinery of productivity.
  • 3. Hydraulic press is a kind of machine which uses liquid as working medium and is made according to Pascal principle to transfer energy to realize various processes. The hydraulic press is generally composed of the machine (main engine), power system and hydraulic control system. Hydraulic press is classified into valve hydraulic press, liquid hydraulic press and engineering hydraulic press.

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