What is the detailed process of precision CNC machining parts processing ?

The production process of a machine refers to the entire process of making a product from raw materials (or semi-finished products). For machine production, it includes the transportation and storage of raw materials, the preparation of production, the manufacture of blanks, the processing and heat treatment of parts, the assembly and adjustment of products, and painting and packaging.
The precision parts processing process is the basic unit of the cnc machining process. The so-called process refers to the part of the process that a worker (or a group) of workers, on a machine tool (or a work site), completes continuously for the same workpiece (or several workpieces at the same time). The main characteristics of a process are that the processing object, equipment and operator are not changed, and the content of the process is continuously completed. Welcome to consult! http://www.ptjmachining.com 
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