What is a Compression Mold?

Compression mold, is the plastic in the closed mold with the help of pressure (generally still have to be heated) molding method. Generally, the compression mold is suitable for thermosetting plastics, such as phenolic plastics, amino plastics, unsaturated polyester plastics, etc.


The compression mold is composed of 3 processes: prepressing, preheating and molding.


Prepress to improve the quality of products and improve the efficiency of molding, the powder or fiber mold plastic into a certain shape in advance.


Preheat to improve the processing performance of molding plastic and shorten the molding period, the molding plastic before the first heating operation.


The operation of pressing the required amount of plastic into the mold, closing the mold, venting the air, keeping the mold temperature and pressure for a period of time, and then stripping the mold.


The main equipment used in the compression mould is press and plastic mould. The press is the most used self – supporting hydraulic press, tonnage from tens of tons to hundreds of tons. There are downforce press and upforce press. The molds used for compression molding are called pressing molds and are divided into three categories. Overflow mold, half – overflow mold non – overflow mold.


The main advantage of the compression mold is that it can be molded larger plane products and can be produced in large quantities, its disadvantages are long production cycle, low efficiency.


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Author: Yoyokuo