What Influence CNC Machining Cost?

What Does cnc machining Cost?

As with any kind of manufacturing, the materials you are working with influence the cost of machining. Some materials are much more difficult to machine than others, and some are just more costly as a raw material, many are both.
Some materials must be machined much slower than others, even with modern advancements in tooling and machine technology. Same materials can more rapidly wear out the expensive consumable cutting tools used and can vary from one tool making hundreds, even thousands of parts, to one part consuming multiple tools. So the choic of materials for your components can be a huge cost influence even before the part is designed;

Part Geometry
The dimensions and overall geometry of the part is, of course, an important factor in price quoting for machining jobs. Obviously, the larger the part is physically, the more material that will be required to manufacturer it. The more detailed and complex the geometric design, the more it will cost to create. Parts that require very tight tolerances, long tooling reaches, better surface finishes, or difficult to form geometries all will cost more to make than simpler parts. It is surprisingly easy to design a part that cannot be manufactured at all, or is unnecessarily extremely expensive to manufacture. It is always wise to consult a knowledgeable manufacturer during the design phase of the part. This knowledge can help you design a part that is both functional, and efficient to manufacture.

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