What are the servo hydraulic presses used for?

Hearing the term Hydraulic Press, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Some customers of hydraulic press don’t know where they are used. In fact, hydraulic press and hydraulic press mean the same thing. Hydraulic press is a collective term. Any medium that uses hydraulic oil can be called hydraulic press. .

Servo hydraulic machine has a wide range of uses, and the common uses tell you:

  • 1. Automotive industry: engine components (cylinder heads, cylinder liners, oil seals, etc.) steering gear components (gears, pins, etc.) transmission shaft components, gear box components, brake disc components, etc.
  • 2. Home appliance industry: press fitting of home appliance parts, riveting of home appliance parts, etc.
  • 3. Machinery industry: press-fitting of mechanical parts, automatic assembly line, life test of wearing parts, etc.
  • 4. Motor industry: micro-motor component press-fitting (spindle, housing, etc.) motor component press-fitting (bearing, spindle, etc.).
  • 5. Electronic industry: circuit board assembly (plug-in, etc.), electronic parts and components.
  • 6. Other industries: other occasions that require precise numerical control press-fitting displacement and press-fitting force.

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