What are the safety rules for CNC machining centers?

1. The operation center safety regulations must be observed.
2, before work, should wear protective equipment, tie the cuffs, not allowed to wear scarves, gloves, tie, apron, women workers should be in the hat.
3. Check whether the tool compensation, machine zero, workpiece zero, etc. are correct before starting.
4. The relative position of each button should meet the operational requirements. Carefully prepare and input the NC program.
5, to check the equipment on the hungry protection, insurance, signal, location, mechanical transmission parts, electrical, hydraulic digital display system and other operating conditions, under all normal conditions can be cut.
6. Before the machine tool is tested, the operation status of the lubrication, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, digital display and other systems should be checked. Under all normal conditions, the cutting process can be carried out.
7. After the machine tool enters the machining operation according to the program, the operator is not allowed to contact the workpiece, the tool and the transmission part of the athlete. It is forbidden to transfer or take tools and other items through the transmission part of the machine tool.
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