What are the requirements for CNC parts for CNC parts manufacturers?

CNC parts processing manufacturers and some ordinary processing manufacturers have great differences. The general processing manufacturers have lower requirements for the spindles, tool magazines, and numerical control programming of machine equipment. It is indeed different for these, especially on the main shaft, which has high requirements on the rotational speed of the main shaft, and also ensures the cutting and feeding of the machine. This can bring good quality results to the processing manufacturers.General CNC parts processing companies are using high-speed machining centers. The data of the selected spindles also has special requirements. Its particularity is reflected in the high precision, rigidity, and smooth operation. Running, while some parts will be deformed during processing, but for this machining center, you need to choose less deformation.Since there are so many requirements, we need to configure the appropriate spindle. Spindles generally have several options: belt, gear, straight knot, and so on. There is also a way of electric spindles. The only thing we have to choose is the straight knot, and the electric spindle. For the data requirements, the spindle speed is kept at 10,000 rpm, so only these two can be selected.
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