What are the performance and characteristics of the four-column hydraulic press

Today, the editor of PTJ Hardware will introduce the performance characteristics of the four-column Hydraulic Press:

  • 1. The main machine is a three-beam and four-column vertical structure. It is composed of a body, a main cylinder, a stroke limit device, a lubrication device, a hydraulic power system, and an electrical system. Composed of upright column, lock nut, guide sleeve, etc., the slider moves linearly up and down along the four columns driven by the oil cylinder.
  • 2. The hydraulic cylinder adopts a piston structure. The key seal of the cylinder adopts anti-aging and sealing but can be better with the national standard sealing ring. The cylinder body adopts 45# grinding pipe with good inner hole smoothness. The large cylinder body adopts 45# forged steel parts. , The plunger is 45# round steel, and the surface is chrome-plated, which is rust-proof and wear-resistant.
  • 3. The main column is made of No. 45 round steel and is chrome-plated to ensure that it will never rust. The sliding sleeve (guide sleeve) is made of wear-resistant cast iron, embedded with PTFE wear-resistant materials to prevent the column from straining and have a good The anti-eccentric load capacity of the friction pair is lubricated by a hand-operated oil injection pump device, which has the characteristics of centralized lubrication and smooth oil supply.
  • 4. The upper beam, sliding block, and working table are cast from integral No. 45 cast steel with good rigidity and strength.
  • 5. The hydraulic pipeline adopts cold drawn seamless steel pipes, which are welded, polished, pickled, neutralized, phosphating, cleared, blow-dried, and oiled, and then installed. The pipelines are arranged clearly, neatly, and high-pressure pipes. The bending radius is standardized, the high and low pressure pipes have obvious color distinction, which is convenient for maintenance. The flange connection is adopted for the diameter larger than 25 to reduce the occurrence of oil leakage of the whole machine.

The above content is what are the performance and characteristics of the four-column hydraulic press, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about hydraulic press, please call Dongguan China Machinery Co., Ltd. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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