What are the main contents of the four-column hydraulic press

1. Measure the power loss and temperature rise of the hydraulic system of the four-column Hydraulic Press. If the loss is large and the temperature rise is high, it will affect the normal operation of the system. The reason should be analyzed and measures should be adopted to solve it.

2. Adjustability of detection force, speed and stroke, and reliability of operation. If problems are found, they should be proofread.

3. Adjust the motion parameters of each operation cycle of the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press and the various actions that constitute the cycle, such as force, speed, acceleration, the beginning and end of the stroke, the time of each action and the total time of all cycles, etc., to adjust to accurate values , So that the system has an accurate and reliable operation cycle.

4. Protection and maintenance of single-arm four-column hydraulic press

  • (1) The oil used in the operation should meet the specified requirements, and it should be filtered before being added to the oil tank to prevent it from being mixed with impurities.
  • (2) The working fluid should be replaced regularly, and the pressure gauge should be checked and calibrated every six months.
  • (3) If the equipment is not used for a long time, it should be treated with rust prevention.

Before unloading the hydraulic cylinders of the four-column hydraulic press, the hydraulic press manufacturer should relieve the pressure of the hydraulic circuit, then block the power supply, and then disassemble the four-column hydraulic cylinders after the hydraulic equipment has completely stopped rolling. The sequence cannot be reversed. When disassembling, avoid damaging the top thread of the piston rod, the thread of the oil port, the appearance of the piston rod, and the inner wall of the cylinder liner. In order to avoid bending or deformation of the slender parts such as piston rods, iron wires are used to trap the suspension and placed, and the cylinder block is balanced and placed with skids.

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