Western Digital’s New WD Gold NVMe SSD Helps SMBs Convert to NVMe

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As industry storage transitions to NVMe, new WD Gold NVMe SSDs help SMB data centers improve their application responsiveness, reduce overall costs, and accelerate business decisions

The sequential read and write performance of Western Digital WD Gold NVMe SSD is up to 5 times that of its enterprise-class SATA SSD, which helps the expansion of enterprise infrastructure to meet the needs of business intelligence, data analysis, virtualization and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other applications, while providing high reliability

With its own NAND flash memory, customized firmware and internal integrated controller, Western Digital has demonstrated full-link expertise from chip to system, and leveraged its extensive distribution channels to enable a large number of users to easily implement NVMe technology conversion

Beijing, March 5, 2020 – Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) has launched a new addition to its data center NVMe SSD portfolio: WD Gold NVMe SSD, the first enterprise-grade NVMe SSD in the WD Gold family. Designed to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) easily transition to NVMe storage and significantly enhance application performance.

Western Digital’s New WD Gold NVMe SSD Helps SMBs Convert to NVMe

According to industry analyst firm IDC, NVMe shipments will reach more than 79% of the total market by 20231. With the advancement of multi-core and multi-threaded CPUs, applications with higher performance are gradually adopted, but traditional technologies can no longer meet the needs of high performance.

The new WD Gold NVMe SSDs will be available in early Q2 2020 and will be available to channel partners and users in four capacities to choose from. WD Gold NVMe SSDs will serve as primary storage in servers, providing enterprise applications with faster response times, higher throughput and higher scalability than existing SATA devices. Complementing the previously introduced WD Gold HDD, WD Gold NVMe SSDs provide a high-performance storage tier for applications and data sets requiring low latency or high throughput.

From 3D TLC NAND SSD media to custom firmware and its own integrated controller, the design of the new WD Gold NVMe SSD combines Western Digital’s silicon-to-system expertise. Users enjoy a five-year limited warranty while enjoying the high reliability provided by power outage and data path protection features. Additionally, secure boot and wipe capabilities provide users with additional data management protection.

Phil Bullinger, senior vice president and general manager of data center equipment at Western Digital, said: “For any industry, data is changing the world. Not only in IT, but every industry large and small is undergoing transformation and innovation. And all these changes start from the drive of data. Switching to NVMe is the basis for unlocking the potential of storage media and realizing the upgrade of applications, usage scenarios and workloads. This time, based on the large-capacity WD Gold HDD we have launched, the new The addition of WD Gold NVMe SSDs means channel partners and users will have powerful options and faster time to value from data.”

Western Digital’s data center solutions meet the diverse needs of the ever-changing data technology landscape. The company’s comprehensive data center portfolio includes Ultrastar HDDs and SSDs, WD Gold HDDs and SSDs, OpenFlex NVMe composable infrastructure (NVMe-oF ) open composable infrastructure, Ultrastar JBOF/JBOD storage platforms, NVMe-oF bridging solutions, and Ultrastar storage expansion disk.

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