Want to do precision parts processing, do you make the gear train of the mechanical basis

Want to do precision parts processing, do you make the gear train of the mechanical basis?

In precision parts processing, in order to obtain a large transmission ratio or meet the requirements of shifting and reversing, a gear mechanism composed of a series of gears is usually used for transmission. This transmission system is called a gear train.

  1. The composition and classification of the gear train: When the gear train is driven, according to whether the axis of each gear is fixed relative to the frame, it can be divided into three types: fixed shaft gear train, planetary gear train and hybrid gear train:

(1) A fixed shaft gear system in which the axes of all gears are fixed relative to the frame is called a fixed shaft gear system.

(2) In the planetary gear train, the axis of at least one gear is not fixed relative to the frame, but the one that rotates around the axis of another gear is called the planetary gear train. Features of planetary gear train in precision parts processing: Planetary gear system is an advanced gear transmission mechanism with compact structure, small size, light weight, large carrying capacity, large transmission power range, large transmission range, and low operating noise. High efficiency, long life and other advantages.

(3) The gear train used in actual precision parts processing usually contains both a fixed shaft gear train and a planetary gear train, or consists of multiple planetary gear trains. This kind of gear train is called a hybrid gear train. (Hybrid gear trains do not necessarily include fixed shaft gear trains)

The function of the gear train, the gear train can obtain a large transmission ratio, realize variable speed or change direction movement, and can also be used for relatively large distance transmission.

Author: Chris Na