Types of silicone sealing strip

The classification of silicone sealing strip :Sealing strip according to the section shape can be divided into:Solid core products ,Hollow products and Metal rubber composite products .According to vulcanization can be divided into :non continuous vulcanization method and continuous vulcanization method .
Rubber sealing strip has been applied to car ,door & windows , equipment cabinet , refrigerator container and so on. According to the requirments of different industries , door sealing strips ,timber sealing strips ,car sealing strips and mechinery sealing strips are researched and developmented .Sealing strips are made of EPDM and rubber in the modern sealing market .
Door&Window silicone sealing strips performance:1.The surface is bright and clean and beautiful, have good flexibility and compression deformation resistance; 2.The weather resistance aging resistance, chemical resistance, ozone effect;3. Waterproof, fire prevention, dustproof, shock absorption, good seal material.4. Ageing resistance, use for a long time not cracked or deformation;5. Good seal performance, in-60 degrees to 200 degrees can maintain its original between high sealing performance.
Door&Window silicone sealing strips are used in automobile, doors and Windows, refrigerator, electrical appliances, container, cabinet, machinery, furniture, home appliances, cold storage doors and so on… The door and window can be used for a very long time with sealing strip’s protection.
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