TSMC makes a major breakthrough in 3nm, with an estimated production capacity of 600,000 pieces per month

TSMC, the leading wafer foundry, held a low-key ceremony for the new construction of the 3-nanometer factory in Nanke Wafer 18 yesterday. It is expected to be installed next year and trial production at the end of the year. The completion of the new factory and its entry into mass production will become the world’s most advanced logic process technology, and it also represents three important achievements of TSMC’s continuous growth, technology development, and commitment to Taiwan.

Liu Deyin pointed out the significance of 3 important achievements

Liu Deyin pointed out that TSMC’s planned 3-nanometer factory base area is about 35 hectares, and the clean room area will exceed 160,000 square meters, which is about the size of 22 standard football fields; 600,000 12-inch wafers per month.

He pointed out that the Nanke Park is an important base for Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. As of October this year, the semiconductor industry has invested more than 2.1 trillion yuan in the Nanke Park, accounting for 87% of the total investment in the Nanke Park. Semiconductor employment accounts for 32% of Nanke, and turnover accounts for 63%. Since the establishment of Nanke Park in 1997, TSMC has successively invested in Wafer 6, Wafer 14A, Wafer 14B, and Wafer 18. If the next construction projects are included, TSMC’s investment in Nanke will accumulate more than 100,000 yuan. NT$2 trillion.

Regarding the 3-nanometer factory, Liu Deyin pointed out that there are three important achievements of significance. The first is that “TSMC will continue to grow in the future.” TSMC’s revenue has set a record for 10 consecutive years last year, and this year will also set a new record. Last year, TSMC’s output value in Nanke reached NT$380 billion, accounting for 37% of the company’s revenue. This year, it is estimated that it will exceed 440 billion yuan. At present, the number of employees in Nanke exceeds 15,000. It is estimated that the new 3-nanometer factory will be completed and put into mass production in the future. A total of about 20,000 employees will work and live in Nanke, which will drive the vigorous development of the economy and employment in the south.

The significance of the important achievement of the second representative is that “TSMC technology continues to develop”. The 18th wafer fab will advance from 5 nanometers to 3 nanometers, and it will become the world’s most advanced logic process technology, which will allow TSMC to continue to maintain technology. leading position. Finally, there is “TSMC’s commitment to Taiwan”. In addition to continuing to invest in Taiwan, TSMC also upholds its commitment to green manufacturing.

 3rd largest semiconductor factory in the world

ICInsights, a research institute, announced that the world’s top 15 semiconductor factories have a combined revenue of US$355.418 billion this year, an annual increase of 13%, and the growth rate will be higher than that of the overall semiconductor industry. TSMC’s revenue this year is expected to reach 45.42 billion US dollars, still ranking the world’s third largest semiconductor factory, ranking second only to Samsung (Samsung), Intel (Intel), but the growth rate is more than 30%, higher than Intel’s 9%, Samsung The revenue of MediaTek (2454) is expected to increase by 35% year-on-year, from the 16th place last year to the 11th place.

  Attachment: Liu Deyin said in his speech at the Liangliang Ceremony on the 24th:

Thank you all for participating in our “3 Nano Fab New Construction Beaming Ceremony”. Even at this time of severe epidemic in the world, we are still honored to hold this very meaningful ceremony in Taiwan. Hardworking colleagues and cooperating partners. Today, many important third-party manufacturers have come to the scene. Our new 3nm factory construction must rely on the full cooperation of the hard-working manufacturers and partners, and work together with each other to proceed smoothly. Today, Shangliang represents the busy starting point of our 3nm factory, and it is also the hard work of all of you.

The Nanke Park is an important base for Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. According to data, as of October this year, semiconductor investment in the Nanke Park was about 2.1 trillion yuan, accounting for 87% of the total investment in the Nanke Park. In terms of employment population, the employment population of the semiconductor industry accounts for 32% of the employment population of Nanke. Turnover accounted for about 63% of Nanke’s turnover. We are honored to be a part of the semiconductor industry.

When TSMC was first established in 1997, it was the first company to invest heavily in the Nanke Park. The sixth wafer fab broke ground in the same year. It was the first professional integrated circuit manufacturing service plant in the Nanke Park at that time, and it was also the world’s largest single 8-inch wafer fab. After that, we overcome many difficulties along the way with our cooperating partners, and successively built Wafer 14A, Wafer 14B, and Wafer 18 which broke ground in the past two years. If the next construction project is included, TSMC will invest more than NT$2 trillion in Nanke. For more than 20 years, we have grown together with our cooperators and supplier partners and worked together for the industry. We are also committed to “establishing a responsible supply chain”, hoping to promote TSMC’s operating standards and concepts to related supply chain industries. I also believe that through such connections, we can make Taiwan better together. Thank you also for your support along the way.

Our planned 3-nanometer factory base area is about 35 hectares, and the clean room area will exceed 160,000 square meters, which is about the size of 22 standard football fields. When 3nm enters mass production, the annual production capacity is estimated to exceed 600,000 12-inch wafers per month. Today, November 24, 2020, is an important milestone that represents another big step toward our goal of 3nm mass production. I still remember that on January 26, 2018, we held the ground-breaking ceremony for the 18th fab at TSMC Property, emphasizing TSMC’s commitment to cultivating Taiwan and adhering to environmental sustainability. The same vast land is no longer the scene at that time, but a super-large-scale advanced semiconductor factory. I still remember when the founder Zhang Zhongmou said in his speech that our new fab 18 has three important meanings. Here, I would like to share our achievements with you.

 The first is “TSMC will continue to grow in the future”

As of last year, TSMC’s revenue has set a record for ten consecutive years, and this year will set another record. Our revenue in Nanke has also risen significantly, with an output value of NT$380 billion in 2019, accounting for 37% of TSMC’s turnover. This year is expected to exceed 440 billion. We also continue to recruit employees to join us. Now there are more than 15,000 TSMC colleagues in the Nanke Park. According to statistics, the newly recruited employees of TSMC in Nanke in the past two years have brought about 8.5 times the employment creation effect. In the future, when the new 3-nanometer factory is completed and enters mass production, a total of about 20,000 colleagues will work and live here, driving the economic and employment development of the southern region more vigorously.

The second point is “TSMC technology continues to move forward”

The 5-nanometer process we mass-produced this year is the most advanced process ever launched in the world after the 7-nanometer process. And our fab 18 will be the main production base for 3nm. With innovations in semiconductor architecture, we have advanced a full-generation process from 5nm. 3nm will become the world’s most advanced logic process technology, making TSMC continue to maintain its leading position in technology.

 Finally, “TSMC’s Commitment to Taiwan”

In addition to continuing to invest in Taiwan, we also uphold our commitment to green manufacturing. We adopt the high standards of all new factories and conduct detailed planning at the beginning of factory design based on the Taiwan Green Building EEWH and American Green Building LEED certification system indicators. We will continue to promote environmentally friendly actions for energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction and carbon reduction, and ecological protection. In order to promote the development of the domestic renewable energy industry, TSMC joined the Global Renewable Energy Initiative (RE100) in July this year, becoming the first semiconductor company in the world to participate, and committing to use 100% renewable energy in global operations by 2050.

Finally, on behalf of TSMC, I would like to thank our suppliers and business partners for their support along the way and to unleash the innovative energy of semiconductors with us. In the future, we also look forward to seeing the vigorous development of the local supply chain, which will continue to expand Taiwan’s semiconductor industry cluster, and at the same time amplify the synergistic effect of the industry’s TSMCProperty. Of course, I would also like to thank the government for its continuous assistance, and hope that the government can maintain a good investment environment and supply of energy resources, so that Taiwan’s semiconductor industry will continue to occupy an important position in the global semiconductor supply chain.


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