TSMC 3nm and 4nm process technology mass production time synchronization, adhere to FinFET unswerving

At TSMC’s 26th Technical Symposium, TSMC confirmed that the 5nm and 6nm process technology has entered the stage of mass production. At the same time, the official also announced that an upgraded version of 5nm will be launched next year. In addition, more advanced 3nm and 4nm processes are already under development. The 4nm process is the final version of the 5nm process, and 3nm is the next-generation process to replace the 5nm process.

From the perspective of technical indicators, the risk trial production of the 3nm process (N3) will be carried out next year, and mass production will wait until 2022. Compared with 5nm, 3nm can reduce energy consumption by 25%-30% while improving performance by 10%-15%. Risk trial production of 4nm (N4) is also planned for next year, with mass production also starting in 2022. For TSMC’s 5nm customers, their transition to 4nm will be extremely smooth, which also means a significant reduction in tape-out costs.

Of course, TSMC is not the only 3nm manufacturer, and its old rival Samsung is also accelerating its research and development, hoping to launch a 3nm process next year. From the perspective of core technology, Samsung’s 3nm process will turn to Gate-All-Around, while TSMC will insist on using FinFET technology.

At the same time, TSMC is also building a new R&D center for the 2nm process technology, where 8,000 engineers will work together to conquer the 2nm process. The exact location of the R&D center is not yet known, but the location of the 2nm fab has been set in Hsinchu City, Taiwan.

This year, thanks to the huge growth in orders, TSMC has invested tens of billions of Taiwan dollars in land acquisitions to expand its factory capacity. These investments are also necessary for the development of new manufacturing processes. At present, whether it is for Samsung or TSMC, 3nm is already within reach, and the last step is to build a fab for mass production, and this step depends on the effectiveness of investment.

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Author: Yoyokuo