Three essential elements in mold production management.

One of the three essential factors in mold production management. The quality of mold use directly affects the life of the mold, production efficiency and product quality, and it is related to the cost. For the workshop, mold manufacturing process management, good maintenance and maintenance are a powerful guarantee for the smooth progress of normal production, which is conducive to the stability of product quality, reduces invisible production costs to a large extent, and improves production efficiency.

Daily management of mold evaluations, quotations, orders, shipping orders/handovers, and at the same time check with the financial system, and the system automatically transfers the accounts receivable. Provide various reports on sales and shipment status, overdue shipments, customer returns/discounts, account tracking, sales analysis, etc.

Quickly carry out mold quotation, analyze design, processing, materials, labor, equipment, outsourcing processing, management and sales expenses, etc.

Manage and reference historical quotations.

  • It has the function of comparing the direct cost of the mold quotation and the actual cost of the mold, and the statistical analysis function of the mold quotation.
  • The content of the quotation can be directly transferred to the business order.
  • Business order query function, convenient to query mold production progress, payment status, cost, and modify molds.
  • The equipment load can be predicted and the customer delivery response can be quickly and accurately. The mold output has been greatly increased.
    Distinguish different order work processes such as newly opened molds, repaired molds, and repaired molds.

Quality is the foundation of an enterprise, and high-quality products are the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Through full-staff training, quality management penetrates into everyone’s consciousness, runs through the entire production process, and extends to the client. In order to manufacture high-quality products, Qixin Mould uses high-precision measuring tools and advanced inspection equipment, from incoming material inspection to manufacturing inspection to outbound inspection, and strictly controls every pass in the processing process to ensure that every pair of molds High quality.

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