These Factors Will Affect The Accuracy of CNC Machining

cnc machining is currently one of the main ways for prototype manufacturers to produce prototypes, because of its fast speed and high accuracy, it is favored by customers. So, how do we maintain the accuracy of cnc machining?


General speaking, the main factors that affect CNC machining accuracy: machine itself, tool wear, manual tool setting, etc. If the part requires multi-face machining, the risk is high, and tolerances and machining accuracy are more difficult to be controlled.


New machines generally have higher machining accuracy than old machines, and old machines will wear out due to year-round processing, resulting in reduced machining accuracy. And the machining accuracy of 5-axis cnc is higher than that of 3-axis or 4-axis cnc, and the price and cost are also higher.


The cutters used inCNC machining machines are generally tungsten steel cutters. After using this kind of cutter several times, the cutters will wear out, which will easily affect the dimensional accuracy of the product.


Also, setting the tool by manual is very important. If it is a large part need to be made, first of all, it depends on its complexity. If the structure is relatively simple, it can be processed as a whole. The overall processing cost is higher, but there is no high requirement for operators, and the scrap rate low.


If the part is more complicated, it needs to be disassembled for processing. Although disassembly is cheaper, its robustness and load-bearing capacity are not as good as the entire processing. Moreover, disassembly processing requires strong technicians to operate the machine. They have rich experience and can reduce the scrap rate.


Above are the main factors that will affect accuracy of cnc machining. Welcome to contact us at [email protected] if you want to get a quote or to do some CNC products.

Author: Yoyokuo