There are many common types of CNC milling machines

There are many common types of CNC milling cutters according to their uses.① Cylindrical milling cutter: used for cnc machining planes on horizontal milling machines. The cutter teeth are distributed on the circumference of the CNC milling cutter, and are divided into straight teeth and spiral teeth according to the tooth shape. There are two types of coarse teeth and fine teeth according to the number of teeth. Spiral-tooth coarse-tooth milling cutters have few teeth, high tooth strength, large chip space and are suitable for rough cnc machining; fine-tooth milling cutters are suitable for finishing.②Face CNC milling cutter: It is used for vertical CNC milling machine, end face milling machine, gantry CNC milling machine, upper processing plane, both the end face and the circumference have cutter teeth, and there are coarse teeth and fine teeth. There are three types of structure: integral type, insert type and indexable type.③ End mill: It is used to process grooves and steps, etc. The cutter teeth are on the circumference and the end surface, and cannot be fed in the axial direction during work. When the end mill has end teeth that pass through the center, it can feed axially.④Three-sided edge CNC milling cutter: It is used to process various grooves and stepped surfaces, and it has cutter teeth on both sides and the circumference.⑤Angle CNC milling cutter: It is used for CNC milling grooves with a certain angle. There are two types of single-angle and double-angle CNC milling cutters.⑥Saw blade CNC milling cutter: It is used to process deep grooves and cut off the workpiece, and there are more cutter teeth on its circumference. In order to reduce friction during CNC milling, the cutter teeth have auxiliary deflection angles of 15 'to 1 ° on both sides.In addition, there are keyway CNC milling cutters, dovetail milling cutters, T-slot milling cutters and various forming milling cutters.
The structure of the milling cutter is divided into 4 types.①Integral type: the blade body and the teeth are made into one body.②Integral welding tooth type: The cutter teeth are made of hard alloy or other wear-resistant cutter materials and brazed to the cutter body.③Inset type: The cutter teeth are fastened to the cutter body by mechanical clamping. This replaceable cutter tooth can be the cutter head of the whole cutter material or the cutter head of the welding cutter material. A milling cutter whose blade is mounted on the blade body and is sharpened is called an internal sharpening type; a blade whose blade is individually sharpened on a fixture is called an external sharpening type.④ Indexable type: This structure has been widely used in face milling cutters, end milling cutters and three-sided edge milling cutters.
Mainly include: GB6477.9-86 "Milling Machine Terminology for Metal Cutting Machines", ZBJ54017-89 and JB / T5599-91 "Parameters and Series Profiles of Lifting Milling Machines", GB3933-83 "Milling Precision of Lifting Mills", JB / T2800- 92 "Technical Conditions of Elevating Table Milling Machine", ZBJ54014-88 "Accuracy of CNC Vertical Elevating Table Milling Machine", ZBJ54015-90 "Technical Conditions of CNC Vertical Elevating Table Milling Machine", JB3696-84 "Accuracy of Rocker Milling Machine", JB / T3697- 96 "Technical conditions for rocker milling machines", JB / T2873-91, JB / T5600-91 "Parameters and series of universal tool milling machines", JB / T2874-94 "Precision of universal tool milling machines", JB / T2875-92 "Universal tools Technical Conditions of Tool Milling Machines ", JB / Z135-79" Lathe Milling Machine Parameters and Series Profiles ", GB3932-83" Lathe Milling Machine Precision ", ZBJ54010-88" NC Lathe Milling Machine Precision ", JB / T3027-93" Longmen Milling Machine Parameters ", JB / T3028-93" Accuracy of Gantry Milling Machine ", JB / T3029-93" Technical Conditions of Gantry Milling Machine ", JB3311-83, JB / Z195-83" Plane Milling Machine Parameters and Series Spectrum ", JB3312-83" Plane milling machine accuracy ", JB / T3313-94" Technical conditions of plane milling machine ", ZBJ54013-88 Number ", JB / GQ1059-85" Parameters of three-dimensional copying milling machine ", JB / GQ1060-85" Precision of three-dimensional copying milling machine ", JB / GQ1061-85" Technical conditions of three-dimensional copying milling machine ", ZBJ54007-88" Vertical three-dimensional copying machine " Accuracy of copy milling machine ", JB / T7414-94" Technical conditions of vertical three-dimensional copy milling machine "and so on.
Relevant standards for inspection items The inspection items are generally the same as other metal cutting machine tools. The special standards include accuracy and performance, which can be summarized as: the accuracy of the hole (or mandrel) where the tool is installed, the tool post, ram (or rocker) table Accuracy, the mutual position accuracy of the mounting tool and the table, the machining accuracy of the specified workpiece, etc.Inspection must also refer to JB2670-82 "General Rules for Inspection of Metal Cutting Machine Tools". Export products must not be lower than first-class products.
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