The technological requirements and advantages of the development of turning and milling machine tools

The development of turning-milling compound machine tools also puts forward more requirements on CAM software. It is difficult to realize complex turning-milling compound equipment with traditional manual programming, and the efficiency is very low. Many traditional CAM software with milling as the development direction cannot complete this type of programming. The GibbsCAM software conforms to the development situation of machine tools and supports these multi-spindle, multi-turret turning and milling complex equipment. The following is an example of turning and milling compound processing with Y and C axes to introduce how GibbsCAM software uses Y and C axes to process slots and holes in the turning and milling compound processing process.

The turning and milling compound equipment not only improves the effectiveness of the process, but because the parts are only installed once in the entire processing process, the accuracy of the processing is easier to be guaranteed, and the production process chain is greatly shortened. Moreover, only the processing task needs to be handed over to a job position, which not only simplifies production management and planning and scheduling, but also significantly improves transparency. It is possible to quickly solve and optimize what happened without a complicated planning system.

The more complex the work piece, the more obvious its advantages over traditional production methods with dispersed processes. In addition, although the price of a single piece of equipment for complete processing of economical CNC lathes is higher, due to the shortening of the process chain and the reduction in the number of equipment, the workshop area and equipment maintenance costs are also reduced. The turning-milling compound machine tool reduces the overall The cost of investment in fixed assets, production operations and management.

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