The Technical Parameters of SLS 3D printing porotypes and Characteristics of Nylon Materials

Technical Parameters:

1. One-time molding print size: 700 * 380 * 580mm


2. 3D Printing layer thickness: 0.06-0.18mm


3. Achievable accuracy: +/- 0.15mmm (this accuracy is related to the geometry)


4.Post-processing: You can wake up the high temperature dyeing, spraying and drilling through the book.

Characteristics of Nylon Materials:


PA 2200 high strength and rigidity, good chemical resistance, materials with excellent long-term unchanging behavior, high selectivity and detailed resolution, and excellent mechanical properties are often used to replace typical injection molded plastics. The biocompatibility allows its use, for example for prostheses, and the high wear resistance enables, for example, the connection of movable parts.


PA3200 GF has high rigidity, high mechanical wear resistance, good thermal load capacity, excellent surface quality, high dimensional accuracy and detail resolution, good workability, and excellent long-term invariability. The surface of nylon material is relatively rough, but it can fully meet the designer’s desire to express the functional verification effect of the sample.


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Author: Chris Na