The Silk-screen Surface Finish of Silicone Prototypes

There are lots of process in silicone prototypes, silk-screen is one of the common surface finishes. The silk-screen process is to use two-component liquid silicone and curing agent color paste to prepare the color, and then complete the silk-screen process through the silk-screen machine. Its purpose is to achieve the appearance pattern of the product similar to the engraved font, for example, our common silicone buttons are one of them.

The Silk-screen Surface Finish of Silicone Prototypes

Silk screen has many excellent characteristics, good fluidity, strong viscosity, high and low temperature stability, the product pattern is more three-dimensional and feel, the silk screen pattern also has excellent peel strength, abrasion resistance, brightness. Then, what details do we need to pay attention to during silk-screen?

Silk-screen has higher requirements for patterns, so good ink is more important for the screen-printing process. Good quality ink will improve the quality of the pattern, thereby improving the overall quality of the product. However, some silicone products will fade after long-term use. What caused it?

1. The baking temperature is too low, and the time is short after the silk screen printing of silicone products, resulting in poor wear resistance of the characters of the silicone products printed on the silk screen. The characters begin to become blurred after several uses;

2. The quality of screen-printing ink is too poor, which will affect the surface of silicone products.

3. The surface of the silicone product is too dirty, hindering the adsorption of the silk screen ink and the silicone, causing the characters to fall off as soon as they are wiped.

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Author: Chris Na