The Reasons Why We Choose Silicone Material Ice Buckets

Why we choose silicone ice buckets? Here are some advantages of silicone material ice buckets which maybe reasons of this question.The Reasons Why We Choose Silicone Material Ice BucketsSilicone ice bucket is a kind of products use to storage ice cube. And sometimes it will be a chiller of wine, champagne, beer or soft drink.The most common materials used to make ice buckets are glass, stainless steel, Plastic. And in recent years, odorless silicone rubber ice bucket become increasing popular.Why people show interest in silicone material wine chiller ice buckets?Let us conclude the pros of silicone material ice buckets.First of all, soft and flexible features. Silicone rubber is a material soft and flexible.  It make collapsible ice buckets possible.Food serving place such as bar and restarant, need ice buckets every day. And unfoldable glass material and metal material buckets for storaging ice will occupy a wide place. If foldable ice buckets are used, it will save place and make your kitchen more neat.Secondly, resistant to extreme environment and temperature. Silicone is a stable material can be use between -40℃ and 400℃. Silicone is a suitable material to make ice buckets.Last but not least, silicone is a industry material easily to get. In other words, the price of our silicone ice buckets is low.If you are interest in our silicone products, and want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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