The key points of IML thin-wall injection moulding solution

The advantage of IML: high level, one process clear and health, no need to make the secondary processing.
The key point of high speed IML injection molding:
1. Generally the thickness of thin-wall product is below 0.45mm. If the width and length are the same, the height more high the mould more hard to make. Cuz the height more high, the mould cavity also higher, it’s hard to make mould tooling.

2. For this kind of thin-wall product, the allowable tolerance should be 0.5mm, if not the thin-wall product is failing.
For the thin-all product, we suggest the thickness on the bottom part thick than the side wall part. (Usually about 1mm)

3. The thin-wall products demands high injection speed (also we use valve gate), cooling effect should be good. Otherwise it will effects the mould cycle time.

4.For IML box or any other containers, if just make labeling on the side wall while not make the labeling on the bottom part, mould design on the bottom part of the products must create a rib on it so that to protecting the labeling from washing away.

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