The installation position and form on the car is the central deceleration installation method


The working principle of the eddy current retarder The eddy current retarder is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetics to convert the kinetic energy of a car into heat and dissipate it, thereby achieving deceleration and braking. When the coil winding of the retarder is energized with a direct current, each coil winding will generate a magnetic field, and the magnet core will further strengthen the magnetic field. The polarities of two adjacent coils are set to be reversed. The drum of the retarder cuts the magnetic lines of force when it rotates, and eddy current is generated on the inner surface of the drum; after the eddy current is generated, the magnetic field will exert force on the current-carrying drum to prevent the drum from rotating, that is, generating braking force. The eddy current generated in the drum is dissipated into the air through the heat sink on the drum in the form of heat. The eddy current retarder continuously converts the kinetic energy of the car into the eddy current in the drum, and then converts the eddy current into heat energy, so as to achieve the purpose of consuming the magnetic field and the amount of eddy current generated by the car’s kinetic energy. When the current in the coil is cut off, the retarder no longer produces braking torque because the electromagnet cannot be formed.

The eddy current retarder has no time lag when performing work, and the current in the coil can be steplessly adjusted to change the torque. When it starts to work, there is no impact and noise. The installation method of the eddy current retarder, the installation method of the eddy current retarder The installation position and form of the eddy current retarder on the car is mainly the central deceleration installation method, that is, the eddy current retarder is installed in the middle of the axle , To control the braking deceleration of the entire axle. The braking torque generated by the eddy current retarder acts on the transmission shaft first, and then is distributed to the driving wheels on the left and right sides, thereby slowing down the entire vehicle. Even when the braking torques obtained by the driving wheels on both sides are different, because they only bear part of the braking torque and occupy a small part of the entire braking torque, they can still effectively prevent the occurrence of braking deviation. This type of installation is divided into three types, namely installation at the output shaft end of the transmission, between the transmission shafts or the input end of the final drive. In order to ensure sufficient connection strength, the transmission housing needs to be processed.

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