The innovative application of 5G slicing based on Tianyi No. 1 2021 completed the end-to-end live network verification in Guangzhou

(November 11, 2021, Guangzhou) During the 2021 Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo, Zhanrui completed the end-to-end service verification of 5G network slicing on the Tianyi 1 2021 mobile phone based on China Telecom’s 5G SA network, and successfully verified the cloud Surveillance, cloud desktop, cloud mobile phone, Tianyi Ultra HD, Xiaoyi Butler, cloud games and other services indicate that Tianyi No. 1 2021 has network slicing capabilities.

The slicing target solution used in the demonstration was jointly developed by Zhanrui and China Telecom Research Institute. The solution was designed based on Zhanrui’s Modem-Centric architecture. China Telecom Research Institute developed a terminal slicing middleware SDK, which is adapted to the Tianyi No. 1 terminal. Developed, successfully realized the smooth access to the 5G slice network without any modification of the application. This service verification means that applications can be easily and quickly ordered and used 5G network slicing services, which is an important milestone for terminal network slicing to become mature and commercial.

The network slicing technology enables 5G networks to achieve customized tailoring and flexible network element networking, providing an optimal resource allocation solution for cloud-network-side-end collaboration. Network operators can provide diversified service modes such as preferential and exclusive services according to the different needs of users. This service verifies the rate comparison of slicing under different service modes, and presents the excellent performance of 5G slicing technology in ensuring high-speed, low-latency and other typical 5G services from multiple dimensions such as fluency, image quality, and delay. .

5G network slicing is the core technology for 5G technology to empower thousands of industries. Up to now, Zhanrui 5G network slicing solution has completed the 5G network slicing technology test and verification with the three major domestic operators and the IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group, which fully verified the advantages of Zhanrui 5G network slicing solution and 5G The interoperability of chips has laid the foundation for the large-scale commercial use of 5G network slicing.

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Author: Yoyokuo