The height of the hydraulic press is relatively high, and it will shake during production

The Hydraulic Press is a three beam and four column structure. Its advantage is good stability. The tonnage ranges from 100 to 2000 tons, which can be customized according to the specific situation of users. The equipment covers a small area, but the height is relatively high, and the production process will shake. If the foundation is unstable, it will affect the performance of the equipment. Let’s briefly introduce the basic knowledge of hydraulic press.

We produce two types of hydraulic press, one is upper pressure type, the other is double-sided pressure. The upper pressure block or brick output platform is higher and needs to dig deeper pits, while the two-way pressure block production platform is much lower and needs to dig 2500mm. The lower part of the pit is 400mm deep Sanqi lime soil, while the upper part is 1500mm high reinforced concrete. Reinforcement mesh greater than 16 must be used to ensure the strength of the foundation. At the same time, the embedded part shall be connected with the reinforcing network as far as possible. After the equipment arrives, the foot pad shall be welded to the embedded parts, and then the hydraulic press shall be fixed with anchor bolts.

After fixing the main machine of the hydraulic press, the pump station, control cabinet and other auxiliary machinery need to be placed on the ground, and the floor should be treated with a thickness of 150-200mm. For safety reasons, railings or paving covers shall be added around the pit.

When the oil demand of the single column hydraulic press changes, the pressure and flow of the load are adjusted through the overflow valve set at the outlet of the oil pump, while the output power of the motor remains unchanged, resulting in energy waste. The variable frequency speed regulating device is composed of rectifier circuit, filter circuit, inverter circuit and control circuit. Its function is to rectify AC and filter it into DC through rectifier link, and then convert it into AC of different frequencies through inverter link, and then output it to motor.

The hydraulic press has the function of keyboard lock to prevent misoperation; With power frequency, frequency conversion operation and loop design. It has the functions of automatic reset and power off reset. The power consumption of hydraulic oil pump accounts for more than 97% of the power consumption of the whole single column hydraulic press, so reducing its power consumption is the key to energy saving of single column hydraulic press. The pressure and flow of the single column hydraulic press in the stages of rapid descent, deceleration, pressure maintaining, pressure relief return, piston ejection, piston ejection and buffer cylinder ejection change.

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