The Future is Bright for Plastics!

As reported by and debuting at the K Show,

The Future is Bright for Plastics!which is the top European plastics and injection moulding trade show, is a new colour calibration database from Clarinet, developed in conjunction with match my colour and Minolta. Minolta have provided their large and extensive expertise in colour matching using their state-of-the-art spectrophotometers to Clarinet in order for them to match the colours of of 60 organic pigments in high density polyethylene. Match my colour have also joined in the party by providing their high-tech computer software, Colibri, which is able to hold colour palettes centrally, due to all data being held in The Cloud. This has the twofold benefit of being more cost effective for companies wishing to use the database, as they do not have to keep buying and updating software locally to keep up with the latest colour trends and changes. It also allows match my colour to create a definitive, worldwide database that is accessible to companies throughout the world, creating a consistent palette for all applications.

There are many applications and uses for colour in injection moulding and long gone are the days of parts being manufactured purely in black, white or primary colours in order to keep costs down. Colour is now used throughout every industry and has applications not just for toy and home product manufacturers, but also for the production of high-grade medical products, which may have life or death applications and need to be colour coded in order to specify size, type of use or purely for clarity. Branding is also heavily dependent on colour, with many companies being associated with a certain colour used throughout the world in order to promote their products and services.

Author: Chris Na