The Development Trend Of Carbon Fiber Industry

Carbon fiber materials are favored in high-end technology due to their high strength, light weight, and excellent performance. In the past, most of the industries that carbon fiber participated in belonged to key national industries such as military industry and aerospace. With the advancement of technology, the application of this material in the civilian field is also increasing. The carbon fiber industry is included in the national strategic development plan and will play a greater role in promoting the national economy in the future. At present, the main manufacturers of carbon fiber in the world are concentrated in Japan, the United States, and Germany. After years of support and development of carbon fiber in China, there are more than 30 carbon fiber companies. The carbon fiber production technology is also constantly making breakthroughs. T800 and M40J series of high performance Mass production of carbon fiber. In the application business field, the use of automobiles, sporting goods, industrial parts and other industries continues to increase, and the domestic demand for carbon fiber raw materials is also increasing.
Domestic carbon fiber products are steadily developing to high-end industries. The production level of domestic carbon fiber raw yarns still has a certain gap compared with foreign countries, especially in the stability of product quality. In the application market, the main concentrated areas are: civil aerospace products (such as: drones, model aircraft, civil aviation aircraft, etc.), sporting goods (such as rackets, bicycles, skateboards, etc.), industrial supplies (robotic arms, oil pumping) Pole, battery box), high-end daily necessities (high-end equipment box, high-end tables and chairs, music equipment, etc.). The application volume of high-end industries is steadily increasing, and product development and testing are required to improve the technical level and systematic development breaks the monopoly of high-end carbon fiber products abroad.
Explore emerging markets and expand application fields
Because of the excellent performance of the material itself and the continuous reduction in the cost of raw materials, carbon fiber has attracted the attention of many manufacturers. The new products developed are becoming more and more abundant, and the prospects for emerging markets are optimistic. At present, most domestic product manufacturers have relatively low-end production processes and poor product quality. It is necessary to constantly improve the process level and cultivate technical talents to enhance competitiveness.
The industry integration trend is obvious, and the industry chain is becoming more and more complete
The carbon fiber manufacturing industry has such high requirements on the scale, technology and capital of enterprises. Small production enterprises are in a disadvantaged position in the market competition. China must form a large-scale carbon fiber enterprise through resource integration to stand in the increasingly fierce competition. Firm footsteps. There are many links involved in the carbon fiber industry from raw materials to design and processing, and the added value of each link is very high. The integration of the industrial chain can reduce costs and increase profits in a competitive position.
Although the domestic carbon fiber industry still has a certain gap compared with developed countries, but through national key support, enterprises strengthen R & D, seize opportunities and markets, and domestic carbon fiber products will certainly surpass the pace of developed countries in the future.

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