The demand for semiconductor packaging has soared, and ASE has hired 4,600 people to expand production

According to Taiwanese media Economic Daily, the semiconductor market is hot, and the price hike has been extended from wafer foundry to upstream silicon wafers and downstream packaging and testing. ASE, Qibang, and Nanmao have successively raised prices. The legal person is optimistic about wire-bonding packaging next year. The demand is expected to continue to grow by 20% compared with this year, and the packaging and testing industry will continue to benefit.

After Chibang and Nanmao announced to increase the panel TDDI/DDI chip test quotation by 5-10% in October, ASE Investment Control is now also taking the lead in increasing the semiconductor packaging quotation, and it will increase from January next year, with a range of 3-5% It is rare in the semiconductor industry to see a hot scene of quotations from upstream to downstream.

The strong demand also pushed up the operation of the packaging and testing plant to deliver a dazzling report card; ASE Investment Control’s revenue in November was 50.665 billion yuan, setting a new monthly high since the establishment of the investment control; Qibang’s November revenue remained stable and high, with 2 billion yuan Rewrite the third highest in history; Nanmao’s revenue in November was 2.05 billion yuan, setting the second highest record in history.

Looking ahead to next year, industry insiders pointed out that there are still a number of drivers that will continue to increase demand for wire bonding and packaging, including 5G-related business opportunities that will drive industry demand this year. It is expected that the global penetration rate of 5G will further increase next year, doubling from 19% in 2020 to 2021. It is estimated that in 2021, PCIe 4 will become popular with the full introduction of SSDs and server CPUs, and become the standard for high-speed data transmission. Fueled by various applications such as 5G, electric vehicles, AI and high-speed computing, the market is optimistic that the global semiconductor market will grow to challenge double digits next year, and the demand for wire-bonding packaging will continue to be strong.

The head of the packaging and testing plant in Taiwan, China, also said that, judging from the fact that the global packaging and testing industry demand is quite strong in the second half of the year, the strong demand for wire-bonding packaging is indeed expected to continue next year. The industry also pointed out that advanced packaging continues to help the process move forward. Driven by various terminal demands such as personal computers, laptops, automobiles, game consoles and 5G-related, the demand for wire-bonding packaging is expected to remain strong next year. Demand growth has the opportunity to challenge 20%, and in addition to benefiting from the effect of price increases in the short term, the increasingly complex terminal applications will also enhance the long-term content value of wire-bonded packaging.

In addition, in the field of advanced packaging, the stacking technology of 3D packaging continues to advance, and the industry also expects that this will greatly help semiconductors to achieve heterogeneous integration. The industry believes that advanced packaging will continue to help the process advance and industry growth.

 ASE 4,600 people: Expansion of production

ASE Investment Control has benefited from the strong demand for orders from customers, and the production capacity of packaging and bonding lines is full. This year’s operating results are brilliant. The company announced that its ASE Zhongli Plant has announced that each grass-roots employee will be paid an additional 10,000 yuan at the end of the year, and will continue to rely on the performance of colleagues next year. The performance of a comprehensive salary adjustment, the salary adjustment range is 3 to 5%.

In response to the company’s rapid growth, ASE’s Zhongli Plant will have a talent demand of 1,000 next year. In this regard, ASE Zhongli Factory will also hold a large-scale talent recruitment activity in conjunction with the Employment Service Office of the Taoyuan City Labor Bureau and the Taoyuan City Veteran Service on the 21st, and arrange a workplace interaction area at the same time to attract outstanding local young people to join the ranks of ASE.

ASE Investment Control stated that the company’s operations have maintained steady growth. In the face of the epidemic this year, there will be no layoffs or salary reductions. Zhongli Plant has increased the number of grass-roots employees by 10,000 yuan at the end of the year for 7 consecutive years, and has adjusted salary for 4 consecutive years with an average rate of 3~ 5%, so as to share the operating results with colleagues, provide better remuneration and benefits, drive colleagues’ centripetal force and cohesion to the company, and become the driving force for the continuous improvement of Zhongli Factory.

In order to avoid the re-emergence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in autumn and winter, the ASE Zhongli Plant will be closed this year for the end of the year and the family day. Instead, each employee will be distributed with 2,500 yuan in cash, and will cooperate with Taoyuan’s major restaurants, general merchandise, movies, sports and leisure, tourist attractions, restaurants and Travel agencies and other more than 500 well-known companies cooperate, all ASE colleagues can enjoy the exclusive discounts of the store with their identification cards, which not only meet the needs of colleagues, but also can be freely used according to their preferences, providing better employee benefits and discounts.

In addition, ASE Kaohsiung plant is expected to recruit more than 3,600 manpower, this large recruitment shows ASE’s ambition. Industry insiders pointed out that next year, thanks to 5G and WiFi 6, communication products will enter a growth cycle, the trend of working from home will be established, and automotive electronics will recover strongly, which will drive the packaging production capacity to tighten until the first half of next year. ASE Investment Control is also actively increasing the production capacity. The second park has more than 5,000 employees. It is hoped that the plan for the third park will be started in the shortest time. Recently, a large number of talents have been recruited to meet the needs of rapid growth.

Looking forward to next year, global supply chain manufacturers are actively deploying 5G technology products. ASE Investment Control stated that it will lead the smart kinetic energy with innovation and make the process more efficient. At the same time, ASE will face more markets and opportunities, and help customers achieve the desired performance performance of products through SIP packaging technology, improve power consumption and performance, and greatly reduce the size. The company also encourages colleagues to continue to improve their professions, learn and grow, strengthen their competitiveness in the workplace, and face every customer, change and challenge with an attitude of excellence and common interests.

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Author: Yoyokuo