The characteristic requirements of precision metal processing stamping parts

Precision metal processing technology and stamping dies should be closely linked to the actual conditions of the factory’s machines and workers, and comprehensively consider the quality of parts, productivity, manufacturing costs, labor efficiency, environmental maintenance and the safety factor of manufacturing to determine and Design the production technology plan and mold design with exquisite craftsmanship, economically reasonable, safe and reliable application, and then the production of stamping parts will ensure that the technical standards mentioned in the design drawings are met, and the cost of stamping production technology will be minimized. And to ensure production safety. Today, I will introduce to you the characteristic requirements of precision metal processing stamping parts.
   One, the precision standard of stamping parts
In order to meet the precision standards of stamping parts, the number of production processes must be determined through the design and calculation of the stamping die. This is due to the fact that it is not only related to the material characteristics, the drawing height, the number of drawing steps, etc., but also the drawing diameter, Conditions such as the thickness of the material.
   Second, the refined demand of stamping parts
   Regarding the refinement requirements of stamping parts, the number of processes is specifically based on the complexity of its structure and shape, so it must be confirmed after comprehensive consideration of the number of bending angles, relative positions, and bending orientations.
Three, the standard of exquisiteness of stamping parts
   When the stamping parts meet the requirements of precision and precision, the exquisiteness of the workpiece becomes the new production technology standard. When the cross-section quality and specification precision of the stamping parts are high, it can be considered to increase the trimming process after the punching process, or directly select the precision punching process to obtain exquisite stamping parts to increase their added value.Previous: How to reduce errors when processing precision metal parts ?Next: How to control the surface roughness of precision metal parts processing

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