Tektronix Debuts Pulse Elimination Tuning Technology in New 2601B-PULSE All-In-One SourceMeter

Beijing, China, April 29, 2020 – Tektronix announced the latest 2601B-PULSE System SourceMeter 10μs Pulse/SMU Instrument, which combines a high-speed current pulse generator, DC power supply, and measurement functions in a single instrument. The latest system uses PulseMeter™ technology to deliver current pulses as fast as 10µs on the 10A and 10V ranges, matching device impedances up to 3µH without manual tuning of the output. This is critical to minimize device self-heating, which, for optical devices, can lead to erroneous test results and can even damage test equipment. The latest 2601B-PULSE also includes all current and voltage source measure unit (SMU) ranges available in Keithley’s standard Model 2601 System SourceMeter (40V, 3A DC, 10A Pulse). In addition, Tektronix has released version 2.3 of the Keithley instrument control software KickStart to support the pulse function in the 2601B-PULSE.

“The 2601B-PULSE System SourceMeter demonstrates Tektronix’ commitment to advancing technology through leading test and measurement equipment,” said Chris Bohny, vice president and general manager, Keithley/Tektronix. Better testing capabilities, including for engineers who are riding a wave of innovation in automotive applications, such as connected cars, autonomous driving, and more, relying on industry-first technologies.”

Advances in LIDAR Testing Technology

The 2601B-PULSE System SourceMeter was developed to address and address the testing needs of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs), which are critical for Automotive Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) applications. This instrument is ideal for testing VCSELs and LEDs, semiconductor device characterization, fault power management testing, surge protection testing, and more. The built-in dual 1 MS/s 18-bit digitizer enhances the measurement capabilities of the pulse meter, allowing users to simultaneously acquire pulsed current and voltage waveforms without the need for additional separate instruments.

Unlike similar instruments that require pulse tuning to minimize pulse overshoot and undershoot, the 2601B-PULSE’s patent-pending control loop system requires no manual tuning and supports load changes up to 3 μH at maximum Provides a pulse range of 10 μs to 500 μs at a current of 10A, ensuring that the current pulse does not overshoot or ring, resulting in fast rise time, accurate pulse output, and high fidelity.

Industry-first technology

The latest PulseMeter™ technology eliminates manual pulse output tuning of amplitude and pulse width to ensure pulse fidelity. For automated system applications, the 2601B-PULSE’s Test Script Processor (TSP) technology runs the entire test program from within the instrument to achieve the industry’s best throughput. In multi-channel system applications, Keithley TSPLink® technology is used in conjunction with TSP scripts to support high-speed, pulser/per-pin SMU high-speed parallel testing. Because the 2601B-PULSE System Source Meter provides full isolation and does not require a host, it can be easily reconfigured and redeployed as the test application evolves.


The 2601B-PULSE system source performance has been released worldwide, and each instrument comes standard with a one-year warranty. For further information, please visit: https://www.tek.com.cn/keithley-source-measure-units/2601b-pulse-system-sourcemeter-10-sec-pulser-smu-instrument.

About Tektronix

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