Swirl air filter structure and maintenance measures

Regardless of the type of air filter, its most important role is to filter impurities in the air, provide clean air for the work of the engine, reduce the wear of engine components, thereby protecting the engine and prolonging its service life. effect.

Most 6-cylinder models of construction machinery are equipped with swirl air filters. The structure principle and maintenance method are now introduced as follows:

One, the structure principle of swirl air filter

The filter is composed of three parts: cyclone coarse filter (vertical cyclone tube), paper main fine filter element (horizontal) and safety filter element (horizontal). The paper main fine filter element and the safety filter element are set in one piece; the coarse filter and the exhaust tail pipe are connected by a rubber ejection pipe, and the ejection tail pipe must be located at the throat inside the exhaust tail pipe. Swirl pipe is made of plastic products to prevent collision and heating.

Air enters the coarse filter, and through the centrifugal force of the cyclone tube, most of the ash particles in the air fall into the dust collection chamber at the lower end of the cyclone tube. When the engine exhaust gas passes through the throat, the pipe diameter at the throat becomes smaller and the flow rate increases. The resulting partial vacuum is used to suck the dust particles in the dust collection chamber through the rubber tube into the ejection tail pipe, and together with the diesel exhaust gas Exhaust into the atmosphere.

The cleaner air after coarse filtration enters the intake manifold through the paper fine filter element and the safety filter element.

In order to remind the operator to maintain the filter element in time, a vacuum alarm is installed at the outlet of the air filter. The shell of the alarm is grounded, and the indicator light is installed on the dashboard. When there are too many dust particles in the air filter, the air intake resistance increases, and the vacuum on the intake manifold side increases. When the vacuum exceeds 5.9-6.4pa, the indicator light flashes. At this time, the operator should maintain the air filter in time.

In order to facilitate the removal of dust and replace the filter element, the housing and filter element of the filter can be disassembled.

2. Use and maintenance of swirl air filter

1. Coarse filter element

Remove the coarse filter part after every 100-200 hours of work, and use compressed air (or an inflator) to blow off the dust in each cyclone tube and attached to the shell. If individual swirl tube blades are damaged and lose the swirl effect, the tube can be temporarily used for a period of time after being blocked.

2. Main essence, safety filter element

1) Every 100-200h of diesel engine work, take out the paper filter element, tap its end surface lightly, and shake off the dust attached to the surface of the filter element through vibration; or use a soft brush to brush back and forth between the creases of each filter element; compressed air can also be used (Pressure 0.5mpa) Blow from the filter element to the center to achieve the purpose of removing dust on the filter element.

2) Every 300-400h of work, use the same method as the above-mentioned maintenance paper filter to maintain the safety filter.

3) When disassembling and maintaining the filter element, prevent the filter element from being damaged. When the filter paper is broken or perforated, the filter element should be replaced in time. If there is no spare part replacement of the filter element for a while, the individual bumps can be sealed with tape or paper for temporary use.

4) When installing the filter element and the safety filter element, the two ends of the filter element must be reliably sealed without air leakage.

5) The filter element is strictly prohibited to be cleaned or touched with any oil, water or other liquids; if it is contaminated by oil, water and other liquids, it will make the diesel engine smoke worse and power down. When the filter element cannot be improved after cleaning, or the paper element is damaged and cannot be repaired, the filter element should be replaced with a new one.

3. Ejector tube

1) Ensure reliable sealing at the junction of the ejection rubber tube, the coarse filter dust chamber and the exhaust tail pipe.

2) After every 500-1000 hours of work, pay attention to observe whether there are any broken holes in the bend and throat of the tail pipe of the ejection tube. Once found, the tail pipe should be repaired or replaced immediately, otherwise it will seriously affect the filtering effect of the air filter.

4. Other

1) The connecting pipeline between the outlet of the air filter and the intake manifold, the connection between the exhaust tail pipe and the muffler, etc., are sealed reliably.

2) When disassembling the air filter, pay attention to whether the sealing gasket between the cover and the end face of the filter element is in good condition, replace it in time, and tighten the air filter clamp bolt.

3) Tighten the wing nut on the top of the air filter to ensure that the air intake is not short-circuited.

4) The air filter is securely fixed on the intake pipe.

In actual work, we often see that there is a rubber tube between the air filter and the exhaust tail pipe of most construction machinery, but because the driver or maintenance worker does not understand the importance of this tube, or think it is It is an intake air preheating device, or it is considered to be an exhaust gas recovery device. For the convenience of maintenance, this tube is often discarded and not used. In fact, this behavior is very harmful.

Engineering machinery often works in harsh environments with very high air dust content, which places high requirements on the air filter effect and the air-tightness of the air intake system. If the air intake system is improperly used and maintained, it will accelerate the wear between pistons and cylinder liners, reduce engine power, shorten engine life, and cause a series of undesirable consequences.

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