Strategy to enhance the role of vehicle accessories

In the automobile maintenance industry, quite a number of employees have not received formal professional technical training, and they have learned some fur repairing techniques in the same way as the previous masters and apprentices. The basic knowledge and basic maintenance knowledge are poor. It has been slow to understand and absorb new technologies and materials for repairing cars, failing to implement the maintenance technical standards, and not performing maintenance operations in accordance with the norms from time to time. Some of them cannot accurately eliminate vehicle faults and even perform maintenance operations in violation of regulations.

Insufficient management and supervision by industry authorities. The first manifestation is that the standardization and institutionalization of training work cannot be implemented. Secondly, due to the lack of follow-up investigation and understanding of the maintenance process, it is difficult to confirm and grasp the quality of the maintenance.

For example, the visa for the maintenance card can only be processed with the maintenance factory certificate of the maintenance company, but whether the secondary maintenance has been carried out this year (it is possible that the owner of the vehicle is a false secondary maintenance factory certificate), the maintenance quality, etc., are all Unknown. The third is the ineffective supervision of a small number of unlicensed maintenance, super-standard maintenance, and indiscriminately charging maintenance businesses, which not only allowed these criminals to make huge profits in a short time, but also left hidden dangers to the quality of vehicle maintenance and disrupted the automobile maintenance market. The fourth is that the auto parts market is not included in the scope of industry management, so that some counterfeit and inferior parts will circulate in the auto parts market and flow into the auto repair industry, laying the blame on the quality of auto repair.

Establishing quality is the life consciousness of an enterprise, establishing an ideological concept with car owners as the focus of attention, solid quality assurance work, and enhancing market competitiveness. First of all, we must master the technical standards and technical information about the car, establish and improve various rules and regulations to standardize maintenance behavior. Secondly, establish vehicle maintenance technical files and practitioners’ personal technical files, record the details of each maintenance and repair, and actively create conditions to use computers for file recording and management for easy inquiries. Third, provide technical follow-up services and return visits to repaired vehicles, provide timely technical support for the safe operation of vehicles, understand all aspects of vehicle repairs and summarize repair experience, so that the maintenance level and quality of the company will continue to improve, and then strengthen The competitiveness of enterprises. In order to meet the needs of China’s accession to the WTO, enterprises should strive to create conditions, establish a quality management system, and carry out quality system certification.

Specialized road maintenance operators choose one or several models as their major models based on their own actual conditions and development plans, relying on manufacturers to gain in-depth understanding and mastery of the structure and performance of vehicles, regardless of whether they are in In terms of technical information, the configuration of special equipment and tools, as well as the technical training and technical mastery of the practitioners, will form a strong advantage; after a period of exploration and training, collection and sorting, the main problems in maintenance, The rules and troubleshooting methods of failures will form a set of systematic experience, and to lay a solid foundation for ensuring the quality of maintenance, the company will enter a virtuous circle.

Insist on the job certification system, all employees in the automobile maintenance industry must carry out various jobs with a certificate before starting to work. The specific content of the training varies, but you must participate in the learning of relevant laws and regulations, maintenance technical standards, maintenance systems, safety production and other knowledge of the automobile maintenance industry, and understand and master your own job responsibilities. After passing the exam, you will be issued a job certificate. So that every practitioner has a good professional ethics, a high sense of safety responsibility and professionalism to devote themselves to the automobile maintenance industry.

Graduated from a non-professional school to work as a manager. Should go through more rigorous professional training, master the basic structure of the car, working principles and basic performance, maintenance operation specifications and safe operation; familiar with the process of car repair; understand the work characteristics and mutual cooperation of each type of work.

Graduated from a non-professional school, engaged in inspection (testing) workers. In addition to understanding the content that general managers should master, they should also focus on mastering the technical standards of vehicle maintenance, the structure and performance of testing equipment and the methods of use; the inspection methods of vehicle maintenance quality and the specific methods to meet the maintenance quality requirements. When necessary, can guide the corresponding maintenance work types to carry out maintenance operations.

Strengthen industry management and incorporate the management of the auto parts business market into the category of supervisory content, so as to avoid the long-term phenomenon of no supervisor in the auto parts business industry and disorderly competition. First, straighten out the circulation channels of the auto parts market and standardize the business behavior of auto parts operators. The second is to collect some information about auto parts manufacturers with good quality and reasonable prices, and provide technical consultation or use basis for auto parts for auto maintenance industry users. The third is to ban the counterfeit and shoddy auto parts market and crack down on the operators of counterfeit and shoddy auto parts, and prevent counterfeit and shoddy auto parts from entering the auto repair industry. Because the auto parts market industry management requires corresponding professional knowledge, if fake and inferior auto parts are used to repair vehicles, the quality of vehicle repairs cannot be guaranteed at all, and there are endless troubles. The user shall be solely responsible for disputes over the quality of vehicle maintenance caused by the use of fake and inferior auto parts.

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