STMicroelectronics Introduces STM32L4+ Microcontrollers for Power- and Cost-Sensitive Smart Embedded Applications

March 17, 2020, China – STMicroelectronics’ new microcontrollers STM32L4P5 and STM32L4Q5 extend the performance benefits of Arm Cortex processor cores to cost-sensitive and power-conscious smart IoT devices, including energy meters, industrial Sensors, medical sensors, fitness trackers, and smart home devices.

The new STM32L4+ microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics are extremely cost-effective, integrating a minimum memory capacity of 512KB of Flash and 320KB of SRAM, and are available in compact 10mm x 10mm 64-pin and 7mm x 7mm 48-pin package options, allowing design People can no longer be bothered by design size constraints, such as the physical size of wearable devices.

The new product is equipped with independent power pins for circuits such as USB and analog peripherals, and integrates independent clock domains and eight-wire and four-wire SPI external memory expansion interfaces, providing developers with design flexibility assurance. The new device also integrates an intelligent analog-to-digital converter (ADC) of 5Msample/s. The ADC has two modes. The full-speed operation mode can minimize the sampling time, and the low-speed mode can save energy and reduce consumption.

Leveraging ST’s ultra-low-power microcontroller technology, the new STM32L4+ MCUs have seven main low-power modes, giving designers the flexibility to manage power consumption and wake-up time to minimize energy requirements. These products also support FlexPowerControl, energy-efficient task processing technology, and batch mode that continues energy-efficient data collection while the CPU is stopped.

EEMBC benchmark scores of 409 CoreMark and 285 ULPMark-CP prove that the new microcontroller achieves the perfect blend of high performance and high energy efficiency.

The new controller also protects systems in industrial and medical applications with high reliability and security, including Flash Error Correction Code (ECC) support and hardware parity for SRAM.

Data protection functions include hardware random number generator and IP protection of memory code access rights. STM32L4Q5 adds an encryption algorithm accelerator based on the standard configuration, supporting AES, RSA, DH and ECC algorithms.

STMicroelectronics also expanded the STM32 development ecosystem with the introduction of the NUCLEO-L4P5ZG Nucleo-144 development board and the STM32L4P5G-DK Discovery Kit, each of which includes an STM32L4P5 microcontroller. With the market-proven STM32Cube ecosystem, the STM32CubeL4 MCU software package supports microcontrollers such as STM32L4P5 and STM32L4Q5, and includes hardware abstraction layer and low-level (HAL/LL) peripheral drivers, middleware components and project examples. The new product also supports the STM32CubeMX initial code generator and configurator, including an easy-to-use power calculator for ultra-low-power designs.

The STM32L4P5CEU6 integrates 512KB flash memory in a QFN48 package.

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