Stepping into the spring

Stepping into the spring

 Last Sunday, China team organized a spring outing. We went to Meihuazhou where is a famous 4A-class tourist attraction in Jiaxing. It is surrounded by water and connected by bridges. In this season, all kinds of plants and flowers in the scenic area flourish one after another, we strolled among them, enjoyed the vigorous spring scenery, and forgot all the troubles.



At noon, we use traditional Chinese cooking stoves for lunch, which using wood-fired. Now this kind of cooking stove is very rare, but it’s very interesting to experience it. It’s very difficult to control the temperature of firewood, so it’s also a big test for cooks. Finally, most of the dishes are delicious, of course there’s burnt rice.



In the afternoon, we divided into two groups and played a team game.

A couple of people went through only four cushions and huddled together. This game tested teamwork.


Challenge four items for five minutes.

Keep the pole upright and turn eight times in a row.

Convey the ball to designated locations



After a short period of training, both teams successfully completed the challenge. The most important thing in a game is not to win. We have learned in this expansion that only one voice of decision-making is needed in a team, and that members need to cooperate more with each other, and that goals are aligned in emergencies rather than responsibilities.


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