Standard Mould Base Supplier

A standard mould base is also very important for a high quality mould,include mould size,mould cooling system and mould strength.There are some famous standard mould base supplier in the world,such as Hasco brand,DME brand and so on.In China,LKM standard mould base and Sino standard mould base is quite popular.

With a standard mould base,we could use all the spare parts on the mould with standard size,it is very easily for a customer to get the spare parts in their country.With a standard mould spare parts,we could save the cost for both the mould supplier and mould buyer.

Sino standard mould base is designed according to different type of moulds.For example,for the cap mould,we will use P20 material for the mould base,all the spare parts is with DME standard.For the big moulds such as bumper mould,chair&table mould,usually we use Sc45 for the mould base.If you have any question about the after sales service about our company,please feel free to contact with me on.Original Hasco mould base,LKM standard mould base,Sino standard mould base,DME standard mould base,high quality mould supplier China.

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