Silicone sealing rings for crisper

    Crisper silicone sealing rings include the major part of the lamp, they fix on the lid, making waterproof and sealed effect. Nowadays, more and more people are used to bringing business lunch, so crisper end up popular, good quality silicone sealing ring will make things goes well, the food can be keeping fresh longer. Our company will design each of the rings as outlined by client’s samples, we’re going to text it over and over until be sure it sealing well. We are a professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter in china, Our products- flame retardant silicone tubing, foam silicone rubber pad, abnormal shape silicone strip and so on…-are accepted by all of our clients, Dongxian is awaiting your telephone and email…

1. With great seal performance, waterproof not leak

2. Preservation effect is nice, completely a virulent insipidity

3. Can be heated under high-temp, not deformation, tend not to produce harmful substance

4. Good pressure resistant, can through specialized inspection test

5. Health environmental protection level is high, passed ISO9000 series authentic

As being a waterproof and sealed raw material, crisper seal ring mainly used for last box, lunch box, heat preservation box, the incubator, water cup and the like… With household electrical appliances popular, hot temperature sealing ring quantity demanded rising, for example pressure cooker silicone sealing ring, in addition we make a lot, welcome to business negotiations

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