Significant advantages of rubber car mats

Car floor cleaning is more troublesome, so car floor mats have almost become a must-have item in the car. At present, car mats on the market are mainly divided into four categories according to material and price from low to high: linen texture, plastic texture, rubber texture and woolen texture.

Flax mats are easy to deform. At present, the price of linen car mats on the market is* cheap, generally ranging from 30 to 40 yuan. Flax-based foot pads are soft to the touch and tend to fluff after washing, and they will deform after washing several times, causing the foot to step on and sink into the surface of the foot pad, which affects comfort. Due to the low price of this material, car mats are prone to produce peculiar smell after a long time of use, especially in summer when the temperature is high. A staff member said that it is generally not recommended to buy car mats of this material.

Plastic foot pads are easy to clean. The price of plastic foot pads is slightly higher than that of linen. This kind of foot pads are generally between 50 yuan and 100 yuan. The biggest advantage is that it is easy to clean. The plastic foot pads are easy to remove and wash. It is not a big problem in summer. However, in winter, the plastic material is very easy to harden due to thermal expansion and contraction. Sometimes the arching of the foot pad will prevent the driver from accurately controlling the clutch, accelerator and brake. Some safety hazards have been raised. The staff suggested that it can be used as a transitional product in the short term, but it is not an ideal choice for long-term use of plastic foot pads.

Rubber floor mats are generally available for 2 years. The price of rubber floor mats is generally between RMB 120 and RMB 200. It is the most widely used car floor mat. The rubber foot pads are the same as the plastic foot pads, so they are easy to clean. The rubber mat is not so easy to deform under the condition of relatively large temperature changes. It is suitable for use in winter and summer, and is relatively economical and durable. According to the salesperson, if the rubber feet are cleaned frequently, they can be used for at least 2 years.

Plush mats are slightly higher in price. Plush mats are suitable for winter use. At present, these types of mats are available in both fleece and pure wool. Fleece mats and pure wool mats cost about 200 to 400 yuan. Woolen foot pads are relatively high-end, the price is around 350 yuan, thicker foot pads are more expensive. According to the salesperson, thicker foot pads are not the better, too thick foot pads will affect the driver’s operation of the accelerator, brake and clutch. Moreover, it is troublesome to clean plush foot pads.

Special reminder: Generally speaking, it is simpler to buy foot pads than seat cushions. As long as you pay attention to whether the production process is exquisite, you need to observe whether there is any lint on the all-wool foot pads.

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