Several major manifestations of outstanding features of stamping products

The automobile manufacturing industry is the industry with the largest demand for stamping parts. The number of stamping parts in cars accounts for more than 75% of the total number of parts; in Japan, where the automobile industry is very prosperous, the sales of automotive stamping parts account for 68% of the total sales of the stamping industry. Almost all metals need to be processed into a certain shape before their application can be completed. Stamping and technology are important forming processes in metal forming. Therefore, the customers faced by stamping companies are almost all enterprises that require small and medium-sized metal parts.

The outstanding features of stamping products, especially fine stamping products are:

  • (1) The divergence of the requested production quality, that is, the quality of all products of the same model is highly divergent, and all products of the same model are completely interchanged;
  • (2) Assembly suitability, that is, all parts must reach a perfect fit with other parts in assembly, and the requested dimensional error is very strict;
  • (3) The efficiency of consumption, that is, compared with other metal forming processes such as casting and forging, the stamping process has obvious advantages in terms of consumption efficiency.

In recent years, China has attracted attention because it has gradually become the world’s manufacturing center and a large consumer country. In particular, the rapid development of industries such as automobiles, communication electronics, and household appliances has caused rapid growth in the demand for metal stamping and other parts. While multinational corporations have transferred the manufacturing of complete machines to China, they have also transferred supporting factories to China. The procurement of Chinese accessories has also increased rapidly year by year, which has driven the rapid development of domestic related industries. In this context, China’s stamping industry, one of the underlying industries of the manufacturing industry, has also achieved rapid development.


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