Renewal and assembly of vehicle reducer


The concrete structure of the vehicle retarder is susceptible to impact damage. The mechanical properties of concrete are characterized by the large difference in strength between compression and tension. During the braking process of the reducer, the foundation will be subject to very large impacts, especially the higher parts, which are sometimes subjected to bending and tensile stress. It seems relatively weak.

Simplify the basic shape, use a regular large plane, and remove the high part. Replace the upper part of the original sleeper plate with a welded steel structure pedestal, and use the pedestal to connect the crank support on each side. The sleeper board is combined with the monolithic track bed, and the casting is completed at one time. Each piece is 2.4m, and multiple pieces are spliced ​​to form a whole piece. All anchor bolts use steel threaded nylon sleeve (independent patented technology). The production process adopts the integral steel mold process in the form of high-speed rail track plate, which has high precision, good appearance and long service life.

After adopting the new reducer foundation, all mechanical parts except the brake rail can be assembled in the factory. After arriving at the construction site, each block of the wide sleeper unit is hoisted to the line, and aligned and spliced ​​according to the coordinates and center. , It can be opened by wearing the basic rail and the brake rail, which greatly reduces the pre-installation workload and shortens the precious construction time.

The concrete foundation adopts high-speed rail track slab technology, which has high precision in size and shape and good appearance quality. The welded steel structure pedestal has high strength, good integrity, and greatly improved bearing capacity, fault tolerance, and impact resistance. Good repairability. Such as wear or accidental damage, maintenance and replacement of mechanical parts are more convenient. The normal service life of the reducer pillow is expected to reach twice the original.

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