Reasons for gear pump vibration in single arm hydraulic press

  • ①Whether the gear pump of the single-arm hydraulic machine sucks oil with bubbles from the oil tank.
  • ② Check the end face seals where the pump body is in direct contact with the end covers on both sides. If the flatness of the contact surface does not meet the specified requirements, the pump will easily suck in air during operation. The single-arm Hydraulic Press can grind back and forth on the flat plate with the grinding paste in a figure-eight route, or grind it on a surface grinder, so that the flatness does not exceed 5mm, and maintains the perpendicularity requirements of the plane and the hole.
  • ③Check the installation concentricity of the pump and motor of the single-arm hydraulic machine. It should be stipulated that the installation concentricity of the pump and the motor should be adjusted.
  • ④ Check the excessive fit contact between the end cover hole of the single-arm hydraulic pump and the outer diameter of the gland. If the fit is not good, the air will easily invade from the contact area. If the gland is made of plastic, due to its damage or deformation due to temperature changes, the seal will be loose and air will enter. Adhesives such as coated epoxy resin can be used for sealing.
  • ⑤ Check whether the rubber parts of the single-arm hydraulic machine motor and pump coupling are damaged or missing. Damaged or missing rubber parts of the coupling should be replaced or repaired.
  • ⑥ Check the key or spline of the coupling. Wear will cause radial runout of the rotating parts.
  • ⑦ Check the damage or wear of the parts in the pump. Damaged or severely worn parts in the pump will cause vibration and noise. For example, the tooth profile error or the tooth pitch error is large, the two gears are in poor contact, the tooth surface roughness is high, the common normal length is excessive, the tooth side is too small, and the contact area of ​​the two combined gears is not on the index circle. At this time, the gear can be replaced on the research. Bearing needle roller ball or cage damage, long and short shaft journal wear, etc., can cause the bearing to rotate poorly and produce mechanical noise. At this time, it is necessary to dismantle and repair the gear pump, replace the bearing, and repair or replace the single-arm hydraulic pump shaft.

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