Rayleigh Wisdom and National Industry and Information Security Center have reached a strategic cooperation

On November 2, Beijing Ruilai Smart Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Ruilai Wisdom”) and the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center (referred to as “National Industrial Information Security Center”) reached a strategic cooperation. Liu Yongdong, deputy director of the Artificial Intelligence Institute of the National Industry and Information Security Center, and Zhu Meng, a partner of Relais Intelligence, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties. He Xiaolong, deputy director of the National Industry and Information Security Center, and Tian Tian, ​​CEO of Relais Intelligence, attended the signing ceremony.

This strategic cooperation will start with technical research and standard formulation, and will focus on laboratory construction, evaluation services, technical product consultation, etc., to build artificial intelligence and data in response to the government’s needs for artificial intelligence product supervision and enterprises’ needs for artificial intelligence product testing and inspection. Security assessment service capabilities, and jointly promote the integrated development and innovation governance of the artificial intelligence industry.

With the development of networking, digitization and intelligence, security has always been a basic capability. Liu Yongdong said that the cooperation with Ruilai Wisdom this time will take the National Voice and Image Recognition Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center as the carrier, give full play to their respective advantages and complement each other’s resources, further promote the development of artificial intelligence security standards, and strengthen risk awareness and assessment methods. , to better support the high-quality development of the artificial intelligence industry.

“Coping with the new security risks of artificial intelligence is a systematic project, and new standards and new systems need to be built.” Tian Tian said that in this cooperation, Relais will provide systematic solutions in algorithm security, data security, deepfake detection, etc. Evaluation tools and evaluation capabilities, promote the development of standards and the combination of technological innovation and application scenarios, and provide important security guarantees for the rapid entry of artificial intelligence technology products into the market and the deep integration of industrial scenarios.

Relai Wisdom and the National Center for Industry and Information Security have always maintained a good foundation for cooperation, and jointly launched the first group standard in the field of face recognition security, “Technical Specification for Face Comparison Model Security”, and recently released “Artificial Intelligence Security Evaluation” White Paper (2021)”, which provides a reference for the development of artificial intelligence security assessment practice. In the future, the two sides will carry out long-term cooperation in more fields to further enhance my country’s artificial intelligence security capabilities.

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Author: Yoyokuo